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I haven’t been playing much at all recently for two reasons. Firstly my eyes are shot to shit, so even if I do sit in a quick heads-up game, I’m often too distracted to play well, and I’m sick of loosing money just to pick up points for my bonus. I have played a few recently though, picking up 6 wins in a row from the heads-up sit ‘n go’s, before loosing two games earlier today.

I’ve been on a bit of a high today though, most importantly I’ve picked up a new concoction of medication, which I’m hoping will have my eyes back to normal in a week or two and I’ve also been helping a good friend with his own Sit ‘n Go play on Full Tilt, which included me taking over his $10, 18 player match before the bubble when he had to take an urgent phone call and making 2nd for a nice $44 profit!

I also had a fun time, giving the loose aggressive style a try on two friends in a 3 way home tournament, busted one within 4 hands, and after he re-bought I busted both of them within two more hands, I couldn’t ask for more could I really. 🙂

So, haven’t played much, but I have been watching and reading quite a lot of poker recently, and with my eyes hopefully on the mend I am very excited about getting back to playing some regular Sit ‘n Go’s. I’ve asked my friend to sit alongside me when I start them up again, as a boost to my confidence, as I haven’t played a regular game for ages, and even when I was my confidence hasn’t been great, so hopefully his support and encouragement, will see me rapidly build my bankroll. I seem to be doing just fine mentoring him on Full Tilt, so I should be able to do the same for myself on Poker Stars.


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I haven’t had a good day at the tables today. It started off so well, a cash game in the early hours, brought me over $82, the highest point my bankroll as reached so far, but after a horrific bad beat in a cash game, I had lost $4 before even sitting in any tournaments. My confidence was knocked and a bit tilted so a few more losses folded.

Only just pulled myself back together, but ran unlucky once more in the tournaments, each time moving all-in when I’m ahead and end up on the rail. I can’t count how many all-in’s I’ve lost where I was a favorite, or at worst even money recently, its been getting me down.

Anyways here’s a couple of hands :

This is the final hand of my last Sit-N-Go. This was a loose call I admit, but having called the BB, I wanted to see a flop, facing only a 2x raise. On the flop, I hit 2nd pair and I read my opponent correctly as trying to buy the pot and call.

This was an earlier hand in the same game, I was in a great position and playing well, when disaster struck. I flop trip jacks, for a change of pace I actually wanted to play this slower, but with a flush draw out there I had to play it reasonably fast.

I actually couldn’t put him on a hand, with me leading out, he could quite easily not buy me for a jack, as most online players check trips / sets on the flop, though he would have raised with AK, AQ, and AJ which would have me well and truly beat. A king comes on the turn and I’m re-raised by my opponent who goes all-in, now I’m thinking as he doesn’t buy me for holding a jack, he’s thinking his Kx is good, I call, and he shows KJ and to add insult to injury a queen pops up on the river.

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Thanks To Cash Games

Thanks to some luck in 2/4c cash games I’ve got my bankroll back to $80 dollars. Only sat in two Sit-N-Go’s today, and finished 5th in each.

I’m going to focus sometime in the cash games between Sit-N-Go sessions now, to try and improve my success in the Sit-N-Go’s, as I havn’t been running too good lately. I think I’ve lost some of my confidence with mediocre hands in the tournaments that I used to take down pots with to help keep afloat until I landed a big hand, so hopefully some time on the cash tables well help me get this confidence back.

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Done Me Good…

My short break from poker must have done me good, I’m feeling far better about my game now, and I think my confidence has increased a little for the first time on Poker Stars. Just finished my 4th game of the day,  and I’ve scored profit with each, and none of the games where particularly hard. I’ve just come off the worst, where I scored the lowest profit, but that was mainly due to a middle set cracking to a top set of kings, otherwise it went well.

I’m getting the hang of the note taking now, and it makes a real difference. After several hands I will have in front of me a list of what my opponents have gone to showdown with and what hands they have raised pre-flop with, which helps me with my decision making at the table.

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I was tilted pretty bad in the early hours of yesterday morning, so took a short break from the games to try and de-stress a little. Just got off my first game since with a nice quick profit, but I’m still behind by a couple of dollars. I’m just not feeling very confident at the moment, as I’ve said before I probably won’t be until I’m back ahead of my deposit amount.

Taken the time to do a little work on a database to help manage my bankroll and poker expenses, as I’m not happy with any of the spreadsheet offerings I have come across so far and my temporary solution is very inadequate. Having a few problems with it at the moment but hopefully it will be fully functional soon.

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