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Poker Stars Deposit

Well it is done, just made my first deposit on Poker Stars as planned for $50.

Been waiting for ages so usually I’ll dive right in and have a game, but I’ve been run down with a cold / flu for the last few days, so playing with “real money” for the first time in ages at this point probably isn’t a good idea, so I’ll try and wait… I don’t expect to be able to hold the urge to play for long though lol.


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Long Weekend

My deposit to Poker Stars will be made early next week, not long to wait, but it is definitely going to feel like a very long weekend, I’m itching to get started and take a run at it (again).

With what I’ve learned about the micro-limit games, and limit hold’em itself coupled with my now far greater experience I should have a reasonable chance of making a small profit. How long it will last is another matter, but my starting bankroll should be sufficient to get me through a rough patch as long as the cards don’t stay cold for too long.

The hope is to step up pretty quickly from the $0.02/$0.04 tables I’ll be starting out on, as it will take far too long too earn worthwhile money at these levels, especially if I can’t get to grips with managing several different games at the same time, which I haven’t achieved successful up to this point.

I’m going to avoid the temptation to rush up the limits though, even though I believe the next limit up to be only $0.05/$0.10, instead I’m going to take my time to make sure I am winning consistently in the “long run”, especially considering I will be playing at an unfamiliar venue.

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First Deposit – First Bust Out

So, I had been playing on the “play money” tables for a few days, and couldn’t wait any longer, I made my first deposit on Full Tilt, found myself a cash game in the micro limits range and took a seat.

All went well, I folded a few rag holdings, entered cautiously with a couple of worthwhile hands and eventually made a small profit and left the table ahead, but only just.

This tiny win, set me up for a big fall… it was late – real late, I was tired and far too emotional, but I sat down again, and again and again, and lost again and again and again, I finally gave up around $10 behind.

The next day brought focus, and instant realization of all the previous days mistakes, but now I wasn’t playing to take a few pots, or even just for fun, I was playing to recoup my losses. I was setup for another fall and fall I did.

Two more days of improvements, didn’t reverse the tide and my first bankroll was used up, when an opponent flopped a full house on the river beating my ace high flush.

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