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Lessons in Tilt Control

I’m bored so despite still being ill, I’ve decided to sit in a 5/10c limit game, as when I get back to regular games I will be playing these and 10/20c limit games to supplement my Sit-N-Go play.

I have already realized that these games are going to provide me with huge lessons in tilt control. Virtually everyone is raising with hands I consider rags and raking in huge pots with utter trash, and then when I make a score I pay off to 56o who re-raised me and flopped trips, beating my pocket kings.

I tried the limit cash games originally to lower my variance and to hopefully improve my NL play, I never achieved either goal originally and its clear my variance will not reduce in the limit games, but I now have no doubt, achieving results in these limit games will improve my NL play.

Here’s the best hand of the game :

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Aucto splendore resurgo

I rise again with increased splendor.

Noticed some simple, but effective advise that I haven’t noticed in response to an earlier post I made on HPT. All totally right of course, online players are crap, I should target them and make them pay for there mistakes, not fear being sucked out on or go on tilt when some donkey gets lucky!

I’m laughing as I write this as it has totally just been affirmed, was playing pretty well on a short handed limit table, improving my play at a short handed game, when more loose aggressive players come on the scene…. I fold and wait, I fold and wait, I check, I fold and wait…. and then I hit my cards AQs and take a huge pot…. very next hand I hit my favorite holding AK, wasn’t suited this time, but I got the maximum out of all of my opponents, and tripled my money for the first time in ages on a FL table.

Very Happy 🙂

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A Dilema of Limits

Maybe I’m being a bit too quick to worry and critizise myself whilst I’m still on the “play money” tables, but I can’t help but wonder about how I’ll do if I stick to FL (fixed limit) games when I return with “real money”.

Just suffered another two losses on the FL tables, neither was played too badly, only obvious mistake was trying to check-raise, when my opponents where likely on draws, and lost out on a missed bet. My starting standards probably arn’t as strict as they should be, but keeping any standards at all takes a great amount of discipline when all around you pots are being won with queen high off suite, yes queen high off suite!

From time to time, tonight being one of these occassions my (play) bank roll needs replenishing after a couple of bad losses. My solution is simply to hop onto a PL table for  a few hands, if after several returns of the BB (Big Blind) I don’t have a hand worth playing I’ll leave to find another table, or more likely I’ll get a high pair, or an ace with a good kicker and contest a pot, the result usually being I double or tripple up my investment.

This puts me in a dilema, although one with only any bearing in a “play money” sense,  should I stick to FL games or return to the “more lucrative” PL games?

If I wasn’t going to return to the “real money” tables, then there wouldn’t really be a dilema at all, I would simply play what I feel like, when I feel like it, but knowing I will be returning to the “real money” tables, I feel the need to base my descions on what games I play on something more profitable then a likeness for PL tonight?

The specifics of the problem being that despite moving to fix limit to keep my variances in check, its having the opposite effect, despite early sessions of win after win, my bankroll has been up and down more times then a roller coaster with PL tables being the only stable factor – I double or triple up regularly.

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