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My First Ever Straight Flush!

Just finished the 4th game of the day, and its been one of those rare games where you get a kaleidoscope of great hands coming your way in a very peculiar fashion. For instance, I found pocket queens immediately followed by pocket jacks, and then much later on found pocket jacks immediately followed by pocket queens!

Thats not the best bit of course, I actually made my first ever straight flush. I was so shocked, I checked the board about twenty times before committing my stack, and it still took a few moments to sink in as the pot was pushed to me. Imagine how devastated I would be, if I was busted by a higher one, it doesn’t bare thinking about lol

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Lucky Big Stack

Just been railed in my first Sit-N-Go of the day, finished in 5th. I’m very annoyed about not winning, or at least cashing in this, I played well, but one of my opponents got lucky against me twice, firstly decimating my stack by hitting a set on the river and then busting me by hitting a flush on the river.

This was the turning point for me, I’ll be posting for feedback on this, as it was this hand that lead to my early demise, maybe I could have gotten away from it?,12968.0.html

Heres the final hand :

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