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Full Tilt Freeroll

I’ve just got busted out of my first ever Full Tilt Poker freeroll. I was a little disappointed with not making the final table but have no doubt I played the best I could and feel I did well to reach as far as I did, considering I’ve never sat in an FTP freeroll before. I made it to 22 out of 2,364 entrants.

Unfortunately there was only one prize on offer for the 1st place finisher, Phil Gordon’s Final Table DVD, so my hard work didn’t reward me with anything, though I did really enjoy it, far more then any other freeroll I’ve done on Poker Stars in fact. Some of the players, well lots of the players went to the river with nothing rather a lot, but otherwise it seemed far more “real poker” then what I’ve experience on Poker Stars freeroll’s so far, I guess that could be put down to the larger field.

I was fortunate enough to flop a full house here, and I wasn’t short of action :


Biggest bets I got to witness, guess this is high stakes :p


I couldn’t hold out any longer so go all-in here. I won this hand, but lost to the next hand seen bellow.


Heres the final hand that busted me :


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Had a bit of a bumpy ride this session, marked by early losses, and then I recovered a little with my 1st place cash, but only one 3rd place cash in the next two games didn’t help much. I did however top my freeroll record by reaching 1,122 place beating my earlier highest finish of 1,787 from a field of 11,973 entrants

I was pleased with where I finished out of the field, especially considering for much of the early stages I was sat out, busy on a sit-n-go table trying to get that finished. My downfall was not being aggressive enough and not giving a new aggressive player at the table credit for holding more the a pair on occasions. In my defense it is past 6am and I have been up all night, so I think I was actually looking for a way out to get to bed.

Next freeroll I enter, I will make sure I won’t be too tired later on to earn myself one of the 27 round two tickets.

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Freeroll Sadness

Just got busted out in my finest freeroll tournament so far, I managed to reach 1,787th place out of a field of 10,000 which is the closest I’ve come to the bubble in a freeroll. Advancement to the second round was awarded for the top 27 finishers.

So upset to be out. I called an all-in bet from someone a little higher then me in chips, although I had over $21k at this point. I flopped a pair of queens against his jack, which paired on the flop also… but he river’ed a flush and busted me… I can’t moan too much though, as I’ve had the other side of the luck on the river a few times in this tournament, but I’m still really disappointed to be railed, would have loved to have gotten down to less then 1,000.

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First Freeroll

Just got busted out of my first ever freeroll tournament. It was held on Poker Stars and there where 2076 competitors, largest field I’ve ever played against. The price pool was $100, with $18 being awarded for first place, 396 places would be paid.

Not knowing much about freerolls (other then the fact that they are free :p) I did a quick Google and read an interesting strategy, and thought I’ll give it a try, this is why I got booted out so early, but that was kinda the point of the strategy, so you could say it worked. The idea was to raise all in when you had a great hand, so I waited folded a few times and on my 3rd or 4Th hand I pick up QQ and push all-in, I get one caller who also goes all in, he holds AK against my queens and hits his ace on the turn or river, busting me out and taking the chip lead at our table.

You could argue the strategy failed, but its aimed at minimizing your time at the table and at the same time giving you the best chance of finishing in the money, by forcing you to either get a huge lead early or bust out to join another freeroll before you’ve committed several hours into a game with nothing to show for it.

This strategy does appeal to me, but next time I think I’ll enter with a large raise with QQ instead of the all-in push, giving me more options should they not hold up.

Was fun though, despite only lasting 5 or 6 hands, and I got to just over 1800 places so you could tell others had the same idea I had.

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