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First Deposit – First Bust Out

So, I had been playing on the “play money” tables for a few days, and couldn’t wait any longer, I made my first deposit on Full Tilt, found myself a cash game in the micro limits range and took a seat.

All went well, I folded a few rag holdings, entered cautiously with a couple of worthwhile hands and eventually made a small profit and left the table ahead, but only just.

This tiny win, set me up for a big fall… it was late – real late, I was tired and far too emotional, but I sat down again, and again and again, and lost again and again and again, I finally gave up around $10 behind.

The next day brought focus, and instant realization of all the previous days mistakes, but now I wasn’t playing to take a few pots, or even just for fun, I was playing to recoup my losses. I was setup for another fall and fall I did.

Two more days of improvements, didn’t reverse the tide and my first bankroll was used up, when an opponent flopped a full house on the river beating my ace high flush.

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Next Step – Online Poker

The next step for me was to take a look at online poker. I’ve read a few forum posts and the occasional article about the online poker explosion now and then but have never previously given it a try, this was soon to change.

I new of two “online casinos” where I could download software and give online poker a try at this time, these where Party Poker, commonly advertised on TV in this part of the world, and Full Tilt, which I became aware of from watching this years WSOP.

I don’t know what influenced my decision but I opted for Party Poker.

I hurriedly downloaded the software and began to navigate the interface and get the feel for the place, it was ok, not great but not terrible either, so I found a “play money” hold’em tournament and took my seat.

This was my first taste of online poker, albeit for “play money” and it wasn’t a good experience, within the first hand half the field went all-in, even I new this was a stupid play, and my suspiscions where confirmed when everyone at the showdown, including the initial raiser had rags…. things went on that way for awhile, until eventually I got fed up and gave up on Party Poker.

Perhaps I was being hasty to give up on Party Poker, without first trying out the real money tables, but it just didn’t feel right, so I wasn’t prepared to deposit my cash, instead I downloaded Full Tilt
My first mistake with Full Tilt was in the software download, the Full Tilt client is only for play money, which meant another download of the Full Tilt client, but otherwise it was a smooth switch.

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