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Firstly, I just want to apologize for not posting very frequently recently. Don’t really know why I haven’t, the blog is usually my first port of call, probably down to the amount of heads-up games I’ve been playing recently. There usually isn’t much to write about with them.

Anyways, recently in poker, I have been doing okay, and feeling good about my play, and perhaps more importantly I’ve started to have some fun, especially on Full Tilt. I completed my first sit ‘n go’s on Full Tilt just before the weekend, busting out early in the first, and then finishing 4th out of 18 immediately after. I didn’t mind failing to cash in the first one, I just needed to adjust to the new structure, but I was terribly disappointed about my premature bust-out in 4th. I had more chips then anyone else, and lost it all within around 4 hands.

We did get in a 4 handed home tournament after that though for some loose change, and we even implemented some re-buy’s, though after 3 each it was getting out of hand lol. I made 2nd, with a huge mountain to climb and pushed all-in with middle pair, chip leader woke up with a flopped two pair to send me out and take the win, but I had fun.

Since then, I’ve been focussed back on the heads-up matches, trying to earn points for my bonus on Poker Stars as fast as possible, whilst still earning a small profit, and I’m also using them on Full Tilt to try and build a modest bankroll from the $15 a friend transfered for me. Since doing them for so long, I feel like I’ve lost a bit of patience with the regular sit ‘n go’s at the moment, but as long as I’m doing well in the heads-up games, I’m not too worried about it.

Today, I’ve been stuck on Full Tilt, with 4 heads-up matches completed so far, 3 of which where against the same opponent, whilst I wait for Poker Stars to restart there servers so I can get some games done there, and earn some points for my bonus.

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I have been road testing Poker Stars software over the last few days, and have not enjoyed it nearly as much as Full Tilt’s application, mainly because of the look of the interface, but the (HCI) interaction doesn’t feel as smooth or intuitive either. I actually find it rather distracting. So much in fact that I have been looking for an alternative, thankfully however that is no longer needed, after discovery of the Hyper Simple theme.

It shouldn’t make that much of a difference but I guess I have a strong bias towards simplicity when it comes to the look and feel of an online poker room. This is probably the closest I’m going to get to the look and feel of Full Tilt without actually being Full Tilt so I’m happy to stay, at least until my bankroll is sufficient for me to return to Full Tilt.

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Sick of Play Money…

Been a bit behind in my usual online poker schedule today, only had 4 games, one loss, one abandoned game and two large profits, all very well, but I am sick of play money.

I’ve decided the next time I’m able (next week) I am going to make another deposit and try to turn a little profit from online play for once, rather then just accumulate the play money over and over again – I’ve waited long enough!

Its probable, though not yet fixed in stone, that I’ll make my deposit on full tilt, but I’ve heard a lot of mentions of other “online casinos” recently so I may be persuaded to try one of them out instead, either way I’ve got a week to get my game face on and to get ready as much as I can…. yeah I know, its only the micro limits, but everyone has to start somewhere and I want this (re-) start to be a positive one 🙂

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