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It appears an upsetting beat as had me steaming for most of the day, giving away 3 buy-in’s, I’ve just got off my fourth which sadly was another buy-in lost and would usually end it here, but I feel I played as best as I could in this last game so I think I’ll sit in another game later, as I won’t be able to play tomorrow, so would like to reach a couple more points today towards my bonus to make up for it, though of course I’m only returning as I think I have a shot at winning, not to just get the points.

Here’s the hand that did most of the damage, I think I played it as well as I could have.

This was the final hand, I expected him to call, having raised the pot, but expected to be behind AQ or AK, or even a pocket pair, unfortunately I didn’t dominate him for long.

In other news, I have just found out that I am the very happy winning of a give away on the HPT forums, and have won an Ultimate Dealer Button.,12918.0.html

Thank you NutN

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Aucto splendore resurgo

I rise again with increased splendor.

Noticed some simple, but effective advise that I haven’t noticed in response to an earlier post I made on HPT. All totally right of course, online players are crap, I should target them and make them pay for there mistakes, not fear being sucked out on or go on tilt when some donkey gets lucky!

I’m laughing as I write this as it has totally just been affirmed, was playing pretty well on a short handed limit table, improving my play at a short handed game, when more loose aggressive players come on the scene…. I fold and wait, I fold and wait, I check, I fold and wait…. and then I hit my cards AQs and take a huge pot…. very next hand I hit my favorite holding AK, wasn’t suited this time, but I got the maximum out of all of my opponents, and tripled my money for the first time in ages on a FL table.

Very Happy 🙂

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