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Poker Review

I haven’t been playing much at all recently for two reasons. Firstly my eyes are shot to shit, so even if I do sit in a quick heads-up game, I’m often too distracted to play well, and I’m sick of loosing money just to pick up points for my bonus. I have played a few recently though, picking up 6 wins in a row from the heads-up sit ‘n go’s, before loosing two games earlier today.

I’ve been on a bit of a high today though, most importantly I’ve picked up a new concoction of medication, which I’m hoping will have my eyes back to normal in a week or two and I’ve also been helping a good friend with his own Sit ‘n Go play on Full Tilt, which included me taking over his $10, 18 player match before the bubble when he had to take an urgent phone call and making 2nd for a nice $44 profit!

I also had a fun time, giving the loose aggressive style a try on two friends in a 3 way home tournament, busted one within 4 hands, and after he re-bought I busted both of them within two more hands, I couldn’t ask for more could I really. 🙂

So, haven’t played much, but I have been watching and reading quite a lot of poker recently, and with my eyes hopefully on the mend I am very excited about getting back to playing some regular Sit ‘n Go’s. I’ve asked my friend to sit alongside me when I start them up again, as a boost to my confidence, as I haven’t played a regular game for ages, and even when I was my confidence hasn’t been great, so hopefully his support and encouragement, will see me rapidly build my bankroll. I seem to be doing just fine mentoring him on Full Tilt, so I should be able to do the same for myself on Poker Stars.


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I’m really frustrated at the moment, all I can think about is playing poker, building my bankroll and working on a few poker related goals I have, but I’m just not coping very well, sat in another Sit-N-Go earlier, but didn’t do very well, just can’t concentrate and its very frustrating.

Its been around a week now with this crappy cold, and to make matters worse my eye infection as returned, its very very frustrating.

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Profit > $2

Yippee my first mile stone, I’ve earned over $2 in profit. I’m only playing short games as I feel up to it at the moment, generally thirty minutes max, and I think that’s having an effect on my stats, not staying long enough to accumulate any wins into sizable amounts, and in some games at least I’ve played too loose. Whilst I’m ill though, I’m not too fussed about how the stats look or how small my winnings are, as long as I’m leaving in profit I’m happy.

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