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My First Ever Straight Flush!

Just finished the 4th game of the day, and its been one of those rare games where you get a kaleidoscope of great hands coming your way in a very peculiar fashion. For instance, I found pocket queens immediately followed by pocket jacks, and then much later on found pocket jacks immediately followed by pocket queens!

Thats not the best bit of course, I actually made my first ever straight flush. I was so shocked, I checked the board about twenty times before committing my stack, and it still took a few moments to sink in as the pot was pushed to me. Imagine how devastated I would be, if I was busted by a higher one, it doesn’t bare thinking about lol

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Whats the Odds?

I’m in a 18 player Sit-N-Go on Poker Stars, and have had quads twice 🙂

I was lucky enough to avoid an ace, king or queen on the flop here, and made a set on the turn, but the 3rd jack made a flush possible so I check, the river brought a nice site though, a fourth jack!

This hand played itself, I was short stacked and moved all-in with KK, I flop a set and then make quads on the river!

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Another 3rd Place

Sat in another Sit-N-Go, but only made 3rd again. I’m glad to have made up for the 50c loss on the larger tournament, but I’m still very disappointed with not having made at least 2nd place money.

The failure came down to playing one hand very badly, which reduced my stack enough to put me under far greater pressure as it became 3 handed.

I was so disappointed with only finishing 3rd earlier, I decided to play this hand safe by limping in, which was the opposite of what I should have done, it gave me no information about what my opponents where likely holding and I was forced to drop it on the end.

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Big Decision

I’ve just completed another NL Sit-N-Go tournament on Poker Stars, where I came to a big decision, thankfully I’ve read about similar situations before and made the right call, and I was relieved I did come the showdown.

It was 4 handed, the short stack had just over $500 in chips, I was the second short stack with just over $700 in chips, the chip leader had over $8,000 and the second had close to $3,000. The blinds where $75/$150 and where just about to go up again.

I’m holding JJ, my best hand for ages and I’m very aware that I’m soon to be blinded off and are considering going all-in, I know the chip leader will call who has been calling with the likes of K6 off suite and it was my best chance to double up. Then facing a raise from the chip-lead the short stack moves all-in and the second in chips makes the call.

This puts me to a big decision, maybe my biggest yet, I can either enter the pot with what at this time is a great hand and possibly win a large pot, giving me a real chance at second place, or I can fold and leave the big guns to take on the short stack and hope he comes of worse. Thankfully I chose to lay it down.

After another raise the second in chips folds, leaving it heads-up, both players hold aces with the short stack dominating A8 with AK. Both hit an ace on the flop but an 8 on the turn finishes the deal and I move into the money very relieved at my decision.

Soon after the blinds are up and I’m all in and get knocked out, but at this point there was very little I could do, I only had around $400 and the closest to me had over $2,000.

I think I played well and my full table game against lesser talented players has improved a little, but I’m annoyed that these things are more of a game of luck then skill, certainly for first place. Most of my opponents play too loose and hold out for hopeless draws and otherwise play very weak, but at least one is bound to get lucky and build a huge stack, this as been the case in all of these games I’ve taken part in so far, which puts me in a hard position later on, where I’m often the short stack, having picked my spots correctly early rather then gone out and got lucky.

Still I’m happy to finish in the money again.

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