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Not Listenning to My Instincts, Again!

Busted twice in one night, because I didn’t listen to my instincts, time to call it a day, before I throw away all of my recent hard work. Not a bad play on my part this time, but I knew I was beat and let it cost me my seat anyway.

Two things made me push back, knowing he’d do the same thing with QQ, and maybe even AT, and the fact that he very recently did the same thing when he made bottom set, and I got stubborn and wanted to look him up. It was stupid, despite how much I invested in this hand, I should have gotten away with my seat intact, instead I heard that little voice that said I was beat, he’s made a set, and I ignored it.

It takes a few realizations like that for the lesson to sink in with me sometimes, as long as I don’t make the same mistake tomorrow, I’m happy. Making the same mistake twice in one night at least lets it hammer home.

Here’s the hand :

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Whats the Odds?

I’m in a 18 player Sit-N-Go on Poker Stars, and have had quads twice 🙂

I was lucky enough to avoid an ace, king or queen on the flop here, and made a set on the turn, but the 3rd jack made a flush possible so I check, the river brought a nice site though, a fourth jack!

This hand played itself, I was short stacked and moved all-in with KK, I flop a set and then make quads on the river!

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Today’s Games

Today as been reasonable but not great. I sat in two $5 Sit-N-Go’s this morning for the first time. The first one was pretty terrible, couldn’t make any moves and didn’t have any cards, total trash throughout, the second game was a huge difference, I barley got anything but premium hands, unfortunately a bad decision with pocket queens late on left me with only a 2nd place finish instead of a 1st.

I’ve just finished a $1 Sit-N-Go to add to this mornings games, which was a bit of a marathon short handed, eventually leaving me on the rail in 3rd, after the big stack called my all-in with 86s and flopped trips to bust me, beating my pocket kings. There was plenty of chips swapping between me and the other short stack and we both had gone all-in several times, I guess he got frustrated, I just wish my had QQ instead :p

I think I’ve played pretty well today, but I need to adjust my game play significantly I feel for the $5 games, not because it needs improvement, but more that I need to adjust to the opponents I’m with and the different dynamic of the game, hopefully I’ll pick it up quickly and settle in nicely. I am still going play some $1 Sit-N-Go’s as well until I feel comfortable with the new way of things though.

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Blooming Trips!

Not been a good day for me today, though without doubt I think I have played very well in all of my games.

I have lost 3 major pots, one in each game I have sat in, and two cost me my seat in the tournament, all to my opponent running into trips. In the first game, My opponent hung on with a small pair and then hit a set on the river to beat my two pair and stole a huge pot from me.

Hand 1

The second game had a similar occurrence, with me calling a ridiculous all-in on the flop from an opponent who paired is 8 with J8, of course on the river he made trips to crack my pocket kings and bust me.

Hand 2

Then the 3rd game, I feel forced to make a move with AQ, and run into pocket kings who flops a set to bust me.

Hand 3

On the brighter side, I’m up about $2k in play money from 100/200 Razz lol

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I’m Learning

Just got busted out of another game has I ran into a set. This time I saw it coming, but my hand being only the second playable hand in the entire game there was no way I was laying down pocket kings even though I suspected I was up against flopped set, I was right and was on the rail.

I’m learning though, I’ve ran into sets too many times. Being beaten by an idiot who falls in love with his tiny pair and then gets lucky on the flop is a painful beat, paying them off with all my chips makes me the idiot and is something I will fight hard never to do again.

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Nice Cards :-)

Whilst waiting for a freeroll tournament to start, thought I’ll sit down at a cash game for a few hands and try and pick up a bit of profit to off-set my deficit and I ran into a bit of luck.

After a couple of hands, I found KK in the hole, and went in with a raise, and got one aggressive caller to re-raise me, I re-raised him back and found another king waiting for me on the flop – Lovely. The very next hand and I find AA and go in aggressive (a limit game), the same player sticks with me, no set from the flop this time but my pair did the job on its own and netted me a nice profit.

Think thats the first time I’ve ever found KK and then AA immediately afterwards.

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