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Laydowns and Bluffs

Just finished my 2nd Sit-N-Go of the evening, it started off well, but I had to lay down two good hands, which cost me in chips, and then I folded the best hand to a bluff, which put me on tilted me somewhat, now very short stacked I’m on the rail in 5th.

Here I find QQ UTG and open with a 4xBB raise, its folded to someone in MP who re-raises to 7xBB. I was tempted to call this and try and flop a set or avoid an ace or a king on the flop, but felt this guy wouldn’t re-raise with anything lower then AK, which wasn’t a big enough edge for me, and so early I didn’t want to re-raise him off his hand. The SB then re-raises to 20xBB and my decision is made.

Both players show KK, and I’m pleased to have made a good lay down, but stupidly inform the table, which would allow a smart player to try and bluff me off a similar holding, I instantly regretted it.

This was a hand I wasn’t happy with. I had flopped trips but my kicker was very weak, and I’m conscious of loosing a tournament because I went broke in almost the same spot against an aggressive player not long ago where I held Q4 and flop trips.

I chose to lead out here. I did this because I didn’t feel at this point my opponent was aggressive enough to bet out here with most hands, whether he hit or not and I didn’t want it checked behind, which would put me in a position where I wouldn’t know if a higher queen was slow playing his trips. I get re-raised and I quickly drop it, not wanting to loose more chips to a higher queen, but feel I may have been bluffed. I had close to no information on him, and as I was watching the 2005 HU championship whilst playing, I wasn’t as tuned into the feel of the table as I should have been. I just had to let it go.

After having doubts I lay down the worst hand in the above hand, this affected me even more so, and if I had enough chips to get into much trouble, I probably would have done.

This hand highlights why I feel paying very close attention to the table is very important, if I had paid my usual amount of attention to this players previous actions, I would have taken down this pot, and avoided any tilt that the lay down may have induced.

I lay down my hand here, because I was reasonably sure I saw this guy check-down a nut flush on the turn, in similar circumstances and thenĀ  re-raise to a bet on the river, I didn’t want to give him the pleasure of doing it to me, however if I had paid close attention to his previous actions, I likely would have realized he didn’t hold the flush and would have taken down the pot. When he showed his cards, I expected to see over cards, or the flush, the deuces surprised me and it annoyed me I lay down the best hand.

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A Bigger Lay-Down!

I’m getting really sick of online players at the moment. A complete arse hole forced me to lay down KK, because he made a huge raise which put the short stack all in. He only held AT and considering the situation and the size of his raise it wasn’t enough, and the other guy came off the better taking virtually all his chips. Now normally I would be ecstatic that some lunatic idiot donkey got most of his chips stolen, because this was one huge raise that didn’t land his way, but in this case no… if he wouldn’t have made such a stupid raise I would have busted out the short stack and we would have all been in the money far sooner.

As it went down though the short stack became the chip leader and I was now the short stack and in a real bad position with a couple of thousand in chips and facing three opponents now with roughly equal chips stacks.

Thankfully though some cards fall my way, I hit trips on the flop, I knew exactly what to do as I managed the same trap against an equally large arse hole earlier in the day. I bet the minimum on the flop, it was a risk as there where two clubs on the board, but no club showed on the turn, so I bet the minimum again, and as if by clockwork Mr A Hole makes is move with a huge raise for 2/3 my stack, perfect, I raise just a little and he raises himself all-in (cah-ching), I see his cards and he’s holding a king which paired on the flop!

So thankfully for once I have a nice chip stack while 3 handed, in fact this is the first time I’ve ever had the chip lead as we moved from 4 to 3 handed I think. It didn’t take long and the short stack was on the rail, it was heads-up, and who do I face, the same guy I would have knocked out earlier with my pocket Kings!

I was feeling good though, I made 2nd place money again and was in a great position to take the tournament. All didn’t go to plan though, after a few flops that didn’t fall my way we where more or less level, soon though against yet another tournament deciding pot I come the worse off, and in the next couple of hands I’m all in, each of us only hit a single king on the flop, be he holds a queen kicker, beating my jack… its been one of those days.

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