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I told you I don’t like to finish on a loss. After a break and a pizza I was recomposed and went back for another heads-up game, taking 1st place in twenty minutes.

I’m pleased to have got a win back so I’m not even, but I would be feeling amazing if I hadn’t have blown those two earlier games.

I will be Looking forward to getting into a routine of these heads-up tournaments.


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A Few Mistakes

Here’s a few mistakes I’ve noticed in my recent games:

  • Overplaying AK (suited or otherwise) when shorthanded
  • Folding to a couple of raises, where I would have won if I stayed in, and the pot-odds where probably in my favor.
  • Being too loose at the start of the game, so that I’m forced to work to recoup early losses rather then work to increase my profits

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Couldn’t Resist

I’m terrible I know, couldn’t resist “one more game”, earned another tiny profit though, this time 64c, and I’ve realized something too.

Whether its feeling pressured because I’ve been waiting so long to get back to playing with “real money” or because the limits are tiny (even for micro limit games) I’ve been a bit reckless, not too reckless though, just called a few times when I should have folded, knowing I was beat. I found it hard to not thirst for action, as each pot was so tiny… but after loosing more bets then I should have more then once, I’ve realized its pointless trying to rush the game, you only end up rushing to earn back what you lost when you played too loose, as I’ve just done. So the next time I hit the table I should be a little more composed and be in a better position to leave with a bit more profit.

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Long Weekend

My deposit to Poker Stars will be made early next week, not long to wait, but it is definitely going to feel like a very long weekend, I’m itching to get started and take a run at it (again).

With what I’ve learned about the micro-limit games, and limit hold’em itself coupled with my now far greater experience I should have a reasonable chance of making a small profit. How long it will last is another matter, but my starting bankroll should be sufficient to get me through a rough patch as long as the cards don’t stay cold for too long.

The hope is to step up pretty quickly from the $0.02/$0.04 tables I’ll be starting out on, as it will take far too long too earn worthwhile money at these levels, especially if I can’t get to grips with managing several different games at the same time, which I haven’t achieved successful up to this point.

I’m going to avoid the temptation to rush up the limits though, even though I believe the next limit up to be only $0.05/$0.10, instead I’m going to take my time to make sure I am winning consistently in the “long run”, especially considering I will be playing at an unfamiliar venue.

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