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Lessons in Tilt Control

I’m bored so despite still being ill, I’ve decided to sit in a 5/10c limit game, as when I get back to regular games I will be playing these and 10/20c limit games to supplement my Sit-N-Go play.

I have already realized that these games are going to provide me with huge lessons in tilt control. Virtually everyone is raising with hands I consider rags and raking in huge pots with utter trash, and then when I make a score I pay off to 56o who re-raised me and flopped trips, beating my pocket kings.

I tried the limit cash games originally to lower my variance and to hopefully improve my NL play, I never achieved either goal originally and its clear my variance will not reduce in the limit games, but I now have no doubt, achieving results in these limit games will improve my NL play.

Here’s the best hand of the game :

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Just got off an heads-up table on Poker Stars, I managed to win it but it was very tough and respect needs to go out to my opponent. This is the first person who nearly, but thankfully not quite busted me, he had me down to a little over $200 and I almost gave up. I did keep fighting though and with a few flops that fell my way I managed to scrape back up.

He was pushing me all the way though, and is the most aggressive pre-flop opponent I’ve faced on the heads-up tables so far.

I’ve won 8 out of 12 of these heads-up sessions now, which ain’t bad, my stats would be better but on occasions I’ve played because I’m bored or can’t sleep, which is stupid I know and its then where the losses mount up.

In other news I’m now back bellow my deposit amount 😦 only by a little though, had a bad run on the NL Sit-N-Go tables, but I’m not as worried about it now that I’ve realized I can soon make gains either on the heads-up tables or in a single table tournament.

I think I am going to look to build my bankroll a little with the Sit-N-Go games, both the heads-up and single table variety. I feel I have a greater chance at winning the heads-up games, but they have a far greater demand on me emotionally / mentally, so I actually prefer the full table games now and then. Once I’m ahead by a few dollars I’ll try out a higher limit heads-up limit game and maybe $3+ limit tournament, but I won’t move up the limits in the Sit-N-Go’s until I’m ahead at least one buy-in. If I manage to increase my bankroll to an amount I’m happy with I’ll hit the cash tables again, but this time no lower then the 5c/10c limits, the 2c/4c tables have been driving me nuts lately.

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Just playing another 2c/4c limit game and guess who should sit down… well I don’t know actually, but they sat down with over $2 million dollars! at first glance I thought it was $2k, and I was very shocked at that, then when I looked again I realized it was actually $2 million, I couldn’t believe it, and wouldn’t if I hadn’t already been nosey at a higher limit table and seen people play for even more.

They must have gotten lost lol

In other news, I’ve had a go at two more freeroll’s didn’t finish anywhere near the top in either, but was fun, and the latter had 1 million entrants by the time it started.

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Venue Change

Realized a problem with my plan to deposit some money onto my fulltitlpoker account for the limit tables last night. That being that the limit tables on fulltitlpoker only go down as far as $0.25/0.50, so following some simple bankroll management, either on a standard rule of 300 big bets, I’ll need a minimum of $150 to play at those limits, as I can’t afford to deposit that amount I am forced to make a change of venue.

I’ve been told that Poker Stars as limit games in lower stakes, and after checking it out for myself have found some games as low as $0.02/0.04, so its likely my next deposit will be credited to Poker Stars instead.

I’m trying to stick to either 150 or 300 big bets for the limit I plan to sit down at, so that even if I hit a really bad run of cards, I’ll still be able to play without having to re-deposit.

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Change of Focus

When I first started playing around with poker online, I naturally favored the NL (no-limit) tables as this is what I have always played off-line, however far too many all-in moves by other players annoyed me so much, instead of staying and winning big pots, I moved to the PL (pot-limit) tables and quickly became accustomed to them, netting several thousand each day in play money.

Now though, I’m at the start of another more radical change in focus, I have begun to concentrate on the fixed limit tables. This is for two main reasons:

  1. When I get back to the “real money” tables limit games will help keep my variance down.
  2. I expect that becoming good at the limit games will greatly improve my abilities on the no-limit games.

This move has presented me with two problems I didn’t face on the other games:

  • Not being able to force players off a drawing hand so easily
  • It is harder to work out an opponents holdings

Thankfully though I have two aids at my side, Jennifer Harman’s chapter on Limit Hold’em in Super System 2 by Doyle Brunson and Lee Jone’s, Winning Low Limit Hold’em.

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