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A Rut

I feel like I’m stuck in a rut with my game at the moment. The really irritating thing is that my play although not on pair with my best has been pretty good.

I have just increased my recent loosing streak, not cashing in my second game of the evening, the first one I could see my mistake, I read my opponent as weak, he was with only ace high, but he didn’t back down to my all-in raise, he called, and my QK didn’t improve, it was reckless to try such a move against such an opponent.

The second game however, was even worse. I play tight initially, tighter then usual in fact to make sure I’m not tilted from the previous loss and hit AJ, I’m in late position so raise 4xBB, I get a couple of callers, I miss the flop so when its checked to me I check, two people stay in with me to the river, checking all the way where I hit my jack, the other guy folds and my single opponent bets, I put him on a jack raise. He calls showing down Qx, he made top pair on the flop and checked it down, I couldn’t believe he did something so stupid and was annoyed that he won some of my chips in doing so.

A few good reads forcing me to abandon pots and a few worse flops, sees my stack slump to dangerous levels, where I get a bit of luck, from the BB I hit two pair with a free flop, I’m not much above 5 big blinds at this point so I push all-in, the same villain from earlier who slow played his queens shows down with a flopped straight, I don’t improve and I’m on the rail again.

This session as been a real pain so I’m going to have a break and recompose myself. I’m down to just under 4 buy-ins ahead of my deposit amount now after these two loosing sessions so I’m determined to pull it back tonight.

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Worlds Biggest Loosing Streak

Just finished the worlds biggest loosing streak and gone from $4+ ahead to $1+ behind, I’m not pleased about it, nor could I be after finishing in crappy place for five games in a row, but I’ve figured out what is distracting me, and I’ll have my A-Game back this time next week, hopefully sooner, so I’m not phased.

Won’t be playing any more poker tonight though, which is an unusual situation for me, I’ve got nothing to do now lol

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Blew It

Stupid bitch! was hungry for another victory to put me back in the black, but it didn’t work out. My 3rd game was the toughest yet, and the chip lead swung all over the place, I think I played reasonably well though, my downfall was probably loosing a bit of confidence and not being as aggressive pre-flop.

I then tried to recover that loss from another heads-up. That didn’t work out either, and now I’m 80c further behind then when I won the first one lol, not good. I think I lost the last one at least in a large part to being too tired, and lacking concentration… the previous loss probably effected me also, so going straight back at it was a bad idea.

Now that I know I can beat these things, I’m going to concentrate on these tomorrow, and hopefully get in enough wins to bring me ahead of my deposit amount… that will be so good.

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A Failed Attempt at Multi-Tabling

Suffered a failed attempt at multi-tabling earlier, only with two tables, but I still couldn’t manage it, maybe it was the cards, maybe my cold, maybe I couldn’t concentrate on two tables at once, either way I would have made more profit if I set my bankroll on fire!

After winning a pot which almost gave me back by buy-in for one table, I left, allowing me to concentrate on the one remaining table, giving me maximum chance at recouping my losses and maybe returning a small profit.

Well I made a small comeback, but by the time I had to leave the table I still hadn’t recouped my losses. So I left with a small loss, I’m still ahead though, but only just.

The problem is that I’m playing too loss, easy to say but its been hard to stay tight, I think I’ve pressured myself into increasing my bankroll so I’m rushing and taking far more chances then I should, which is actually putting my bankroll, or certainly my short term winnings at risk.

It was probably not the fact that I was multi-tabling that gave me my first loss, but the fact that I was playing too loss, so multi-tabling multiplied my losses, though as I’ve said I’m finding it hard to stay tight at these limits right now, so I’m switching my game plan from multi-tables to faster paced tables, and to try and get my discipline with “real money” up to the standards it was on the “play money” tables.

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