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Couldn’t Resist

I’m terrible I know, couldn’t resist “one more game”, earned another tiny profit though, this time 64c, and I’ve realized something too.

Whether its feeling pressured because I’ve been waiting so long to get back to playing with “real money” or because the limits are tiny (even for micro limit games) I’ve been a bit reckless, not too reckless though, just called a few times when I should have folded, knowing I was beat. I found it hard to not thirst for action, as each pot was so tiny… but after loosing more bets then I should have more then once, I’ve realized its pointless trying to rush the game, you only end up rushing to earn back what you lost when you played too loose, as I’ve just done. So the next time I hit the table I should be a little more composed and be in a better position to leave with a bit more profit.

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Sick of Play Money…

Been a bit behind in my usual online poker schedule today, only had 4 games, one loss, one abandoned game and two large profits, all very well, but I am sick of play money.

I’ve decided the next time I’m able (next week) I am going to make another deposit and try to turn a little profit from online play for once, rather then just accumulate the play money over and over again – I’ve waited long enough!

Its probable, though not yet fixed in stone, that I’ll make my deposit on full tilt, but I’ve heard a lot of mentions of other “online casinos” recently so I may be persuaded to try one of them out instead, either way I’ve got a week to get my game face on and to get ready as much as I can…. yeah I know, its only the micro limits, but everyone has to start somewhere and I want this (re-) start to be a positive one 🙂

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