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Multiple-tabling, whilst on a bad run?

Too quick to judge, maybe, but after one long session, cashing in only two out of my eight games, suggests I’m on a bad run, especially considering some of the hands. AK and KK both run into aces, my TT gets out flopped by 77, and my AQ gets out flopped by AJ…. I could go on, but you get the idea.

So, I’ve come to thinking, should I be multi-tabling the Sit-N-Go’s whilst I appear to be on a bad run?

The statistical approach, at least from what I understand of it, suggests that I should, as everything evens out in the end, and the more hands I play the sooner I’ll get through the bad run. Then there’s the psychological approach that suggest you should stop and take a break, because a bad run can affect your play, and put you on tilt.

Well I’m certainly not on tilt, not during the session anyway. Though I must admit to feeling a bit down about it afterwards, more so the final two games, where it was yet more of the same that I had experienced during the start of the session.

I’m pondering with the idea that I should slow down, and only play a single table…. (yes its a recurring theme for tonight / today) instead of 2 tabling them, as I feel like I’m on a bad run, and that way I’ll loose less, or actually lose money more slowly… but I can’t help reverting back to the statistical approach and I agree with it, as long as I’m not on tilt, and letting previous games affect the current session I should keep playing, and keep multi-tabling, if that’s what makes me happy, shouldn’t I?


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Finding leaks in my sit-n-go play by multi-tabling

I’ve just completed another two-table session on the $1 Sit-N-Go’s, and have realized that multi-tabling them, even only two at a time, can help me pick up some areas I’m not confident in, because its blatantly obvious when I’m stuck on the one table for more then a few moments, with the other buzzing for attention, that I don’t automatically know how to handle the situation I’m in.

I know I’m getting better at it though, as I managed to make a few reads on some of my opponents in this final session of the day, despite sharing my time between both tables.

However, since there are areas of my game, that I’m not too confident in at the moment, I think I should stick to single tabling them until I build up some confidence in those areas. I think I’ve said that before, but I’ve really gotten hooked on two tabling these now, and find it far more enjoying, I will have to discipline myself to stick to the one table for awhile, despite benefiting from earning the frequent player points twice as fast for my bonus.

Here’s a few key hands from this final 2 table session :

In middle position I pick up 99 and call the big blind. The 8 high flop gives me an over pair and theres a bet and a call in front, so I raise to 5xBB to see where I’m at and to charge any draws to make their hand. The limper calls, everyone else folds.

The turn brings an ace and this time villain leads out for 2xBB. I don’t have much information on him prior to this, but with him calling my bet on the flop I felt he was either drawing or was trying to pick up the pot with an high card like a weak king or ace. If he held top pair, I would expect him to bet more on the flop, and check the turn. By leading out here how he does, It makes me feel he made his hand, if he was drawing I would also expect him to check here.

I fold, so I didn’t get to see his hand, but I didn’t want to risk any more on this hand so early. If I called his bet here, I would either get lucky and get a free river card or more likely face a larger bet without me improving.

I had previously noticed that if onckie had a strong hand he would simply push all-in. A check here either indicated something suspicious, or that he had nothing. On the turn he makes a very aggressive re-raise, and its clear not with the best hand. I made note that a large bet such as this could be a bluff, but an all-in from him means, he’s ever got the best hand or thinks he has.

Here I find JJ in late position. Its 5 handed and I’m 4th in chips. Needing to pick up some chips to be within a chance of the money, I make my standard raise instead of limping in, I get one caller from the big blind. On the flop my hand doesn’t look so strong, but I make a strong continuation bet anyway to continue my show of strength and pick up the pot.

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Today’s Games

I decided to multi-table two Sit-N-Go’s today as I want to catch up with my bonus schedule, I think I would have done better single tabling, although I felt I handled the two tables better then the last time I tried, I’m still not as comfortable multi-tabling the Sit-N-Go’s. Even with only playing two tables, I feel like I miss lots of small bits of information that can end up being important in a hand.

Multi-Tabling, Sit-N-Go 1 of 2

Here I called a raise with AJs, not a move I would do with AJ here, but felt my flush potential compensated for calling with a hand that could be dominated by AQ, AK.

I think I played this hand OK, and he played it exactly like I expected him to, and knowing this I should have probably pushed all-in on the flop, giving me the option of taking it down there, though perhaps loosing too much action from a hand like AQ, AK in most cases.

After being draw out on the above hand, I had to wait patiently for a hand I could double up with, that came with AK. A few hands down the line and I’m forced to push all-in a few times and keep myself afloat as the blinds increase, until I’m critically low on chips and just have to roll the die, failing to hit I’m out in 4th.

Multi-Tabling, Sit-N-Go 2 of 2

One of many AJ hands recently, the game I’ve developed says I shouldn’t raise so early with AJ, and mix up my raises and calls with AJs, but I’m beginning to think if this strategy needs some work, as I seem to miss out on lots of pots that I should be picking up with this hand.

I may have played this differntly if I was only playing one table and could concentrate on each tables action more, but I probably would have done the same play. I realized my normal raise would put me to a dangerously low chip position and if I missed the flop my decisions where only getting harder, so I pushed all-in.

I was a little torn as to how to handle this, I would have liked to have been the aggressor and push all-in, but with a smaller push and call in front, I felt folding was best option.

Around middle position I felt KT was enough to push in and take the blinds or get lucky to double up.

Here though I folded A8 which was stupid I should have pushed here too, sometimes I seem more tempted to push with a relatively high king then a medium ace, perhaps as I’m less likely to be dominated with KT then I am A8, either way I should have pushed all-in here.

After letting myself get so low on chips I needed to get lucky and with a few folds in front I decided to make a stand with Q8.

In Summary

I used to be strong at short stack play, but I’m obviously out of practice as I didn’t feel comfortable here and sometimes I tend to think and re-think about what hands I should push with, probably folding a few hands I should have pushed with too, until it was too late to make a difference.

In my 2nd tournament I found AJ rather a lot, but didn’t make anything from it, I think if I was playing just the one table I think I probably would have made a move with it at the right moment to try and take down a pot even when the blinds where lower then when I would normally make this play, just to get some value from the hand, but with multi-tabling I tended to just drop it, and probably missed out on picking up some key pots.

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A Failed Attempt at Multi-Tabling

Suffered a failed attempt at multi-tabling earlier, only with two tables, but I still couldn’t manage it, maybe it was the cards, maybe my cold, maybe I couldn’t concentrate on two tables at once, either way I would have made more profit if I set my bankroll on fire!

After winning a pot which almost gave me back by buy-in for one table, I left, allowing me to concentrate on the one remaining table, giving me maximum chance at recouping my losses and maybe returning a small profit.

Well I made a small comeback, but by the time I had to leave the table I still hadn’t recouped my losses. So I left with a small loss, I’m still ahead though, but only just.

The problem is that I’m playing too loss, easy to say but its been hard to stay tight, I think I’ve pressured myself into increasing my bankroll so I’m rushing and taking far more chances then I should, which is actually putting my bankroll, or certainly my short term winnings at risk.

It was probably not the fact that I was multi-tabling that gave me my first loss, but the fact that I was playing too loss, so multi-tabling multiplied my losses, though as I’ve said I’m finding it hard to stay tight at these limits right now, so I’m switching my game plan from multi-tables to faster paced tables, and to try and get my discipline with “real money” up to the standards it was on the “play money” tables.

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