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Notes Mean Profit in Cash Games

I’ve just sat in a 1c/2c NL game for awhile, and am totally amazed at how beneficial careful observation of your opponents and quality notes can be. I’m not new to note taking obviously, I used to do it in play money sit-n-go’s, but here in the cash games, if you carefully watch your opponents and take notes on there actions, they practically tell you what they have.

This is far more profitable here, then in the sit-n-go’s and I’m ashamed I’ve never paid much attention in previous cash sessions. Its totally changed my perspective on the profitability of these full ring 1c/2c tables for me. Previously I wouldn’t bother with them unless I found a table full of maniacs with plenty of cash, so I could wait out for a good spot and double up, now though, I think I should be able to make less stressful cash bit by bit.

Here’s a few hands :

The first hand I take beyond the flop is 97s, a trashy hand I would never play in a sit-n-go, well usually never :p . Here though the table felt right to try and hit a nicely hidden straight and take down a big pot. I’ve missed on the flop, and have to restrain myself from making a play straight away when they both check to me. The turns another story though, as it gives me both an inside straight and a flush draw, so I lead out. Miss both draws, but with the board pairing I try and buy the pot, and lead out again. After much thought I get called down by A high, AK.

So I lost the pot, but gained a valuable piece of information, this guy didn’t like to drop a hand, and even more important he will call the BB pre-flop with AK, and not make a continuation bet if he missed.

Around 12 hands later I picked up KK, and open with a raise from MP. I get one caller. I’ve seen this guy pick up lots of pots, by making a 10c bet on nearly every flop he’s involved with, here though he checks it to me, so I over bet the pot trying to sell a bluff, and he calls.

The 9’s a safe card for me here, but its a nice card to check back on to make it look like I was bluffing on the flop. With the T on the river, I grit my teeth, hoping I didn’t let him make a straight, and re-raise him just enough that he might call if he had something else.

Here, I find KQ and see a free flop from the BB. I miss the flop, but against these guys I know I can’t represent anything, so I check. The turn makes my hand, giving me a pair of queens, but brings the threat of a diamond flush. A player I’ve been watching closely leads out for the minimum, and now I know he’s got the Q, I could easily raise here, but with 3 cards to a flush, and my bluffing image, decide its better to see the river first, as the guy in MP would likely call if he had a diamond draw.

On the river, I dodge the flush, and the weak player opens for the minimum again, I quickly re-raise him and he calls, showing Q8. Only issue here was should I have raised more on the river?

Sorry, I don’t think I did a very good job of illustrating my point, but its nearly 7am, I’m tired, and get bored quickly trying to find hands I wasn’t involved in lol

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As I’ve begun taking notes on my online opponents I’ve found that I can sometimes end up focused more on writing down who won the last hand and who raised with what etc, rather then actually concentrating on the game, so to try and tilt my concentration back away from my keyboard I’ve come up with a simple idea.

The idea is to have a pre-setup script stored in a text file, and just before you sit down you select all the text or the portion your interested in and then once you’ve sat down you can then click onto the notes section of each of your opponents at your table and simple paste in the script. The script will be set out in such a manner that you only have to enter the hands you see on the appropriate line, etc.

Here’s an example:
showdown :

pre-flop raise :

called a pre-flop raise with :

called a pre-flop re-raise with :

An even faster method to speed up your note taking would be to use a series of codes or shorthand, but I haven’t come up with a code or shorthand system yet, so this will do for now.

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Done Me Good…

My short break from poker must have done me good, I’m feeling far better about my game now, and I think my confidence has increased a little for the first time on Poker Stars. Just finished my 4th game of the day,  and I’ve scored profit with each, and none of the games where particularly hard. I’ve just come off the worst, where I scored the lowest profit, but that was mainly due to a middle set cracking to a top set of kings, otherwise it went well.

I’m getting the hang of the note taking now, and it makes a real difference. After several hands I will have in front of me a list of what my opponents have gone to showdown with and what hands they have raised pre-flop with, which helps me with my decision making at the table.

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Ok, so I didn’t even last a day, but I’ve got a new weapon up my sleeve, notes.

Actually it ain’t all that new, I usually take notes, but this time I’m paying more attention to it, and certainly in my last game (+ 35c) it payed off and I’m certain that in the longer games it will help to stave of my impatience and boredom, which has probably been my downfall lately.

I’m making notes on the following from each of my opponents, well trying to, when the actions fast it can be hard keeping up :

  • Who raises pre-flop and with what
  • Who re-raises pre-flop and with what
  • Who call’s with 2 or more raises in front of them and with what
  • Who always / mostly enters with a raise
  • Who seldom raises
  • Who seldom checks / calls

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