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As I’ve begun taking notes on my online opponents I’ve found that I can sometimes end up focused more on writing down who won the last hand and who raised with what etc, rather then actually concentrating on the game, so to try and tilt my concentration back away from my keyboard I’ve come up with a simple idea.

The idea is to have a pre-setup script stored in a text file, and just before you sit down you select all the text or the portion your interested in and then once you’ve sat down you can then click onto the notes section of each of your opponents at your table and simple paste in the script. The script will be set out in such a manner that you only have to enter the hands you see on the appropriate line, etc.

Here’s an example:
showdown :

pre-flop raise :

called a pre-flop raise with :

called a pre-flop re-raise with :

An even faster method to speed up your note taking would be to use a series of codes or shorthand, but I haven’t come up with a code or shorthand system yet, so this will do for now.


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