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After watching Mike Matusow among other pros on Full Tilt last night playing Pot Limit Omaha cash games, I decided I’ll finally sit in a play money game and get a feel for it myself. Its been a game I’ve wanted to learn to play for ages, just never gotten around to it, until now.

The only table available was a 25/50, I would have preferred something lower, but even with only 4k in play money, I regular sit in the 1k/2k limit razz games, and didn’t expect this to be any different and at first it wasn’t. Only played a few hands and quickly doubled up, then it all went pair shaped and I was quickly felted. I would start of with solid drawing hands or strong hands, such [7s 8s 9hTc] or [AAKJ], but would either end up with little more then a weak pair with my draws or have my premium pairs beat, by a strange two pair or straight, which I suppose is understandable giving the wide range of possible holdings in the game.

The really frustrating thing was, I just couldn’t get a fold, the guy on my immediate left would call almost any bet, with almost any hand it seemed, are more often then not come up smelling of roses, I was obviously missing something (besides the board, lol) so I’m going to try and learn some basic hand selection criteria for the game and see how I do with that.

A quick search on Google found this article which may be of use :

Yep, a quick skim read was enough to win back all of my play money roll, plus a nice bonus within 5 minutes or so, on a much lower limit game.

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After an emotional NL cash game, I didn’t expect to be playing at my best in any Sit-N-Go soon so decided to have a try at Razz on the play money tables on FTP.

loads of people would sit down with only 1000, which is a little daft in a 100/200 game with a 20 ante in my opinion.

It took me a while to get the hang of it and lost half my buy-in in the process, but soon had it doubled, although it was easy to loose plenty of it again.

I was a little supprised with how much action there was, out of the entire table I think only one player could actually play razz, she seemed pretty consistent and new when to make a move and such, most of the other oposition came, busted and dissapered within only a few hands.

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Play Limit Wins >$5,000

Another win, and for the first time since I’ve begun using poker prospector my net win amount passes the $5,000 dollar mark, very pleased, so pleased in fact, I’ve included a screen shot of my play money bankroll graphed out with poker prospector.Yeah I know, only play money, but its all in preparation for something special, you’ll see.

PS: The two “large” spikes within the added box are both from PL wins, all the rest, highs and lows are all from 10/20 limit ring games.


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A Dilema of Limits

Maybe I’m being a bit too quick to worry and critizise myself whilst I’m still on the “play money” tables, but I can’t help but wonder about how I’ll do if I stick to FL (fixed limit) games when I return with “real money”.

Just suffered another two losses on the FL tables, neither was played too badly, only obvious mistake was trying to check-raise, when my opponents where likely on draws, and lost out on a missed bet. My starting standards probably arn’t as strict as they should be, but keeping any standards at all takes a great amount of discipline when all around you pots are being won with queen high off suite, yes queen high off suite!

From time to time, tonight being one of these occassions my (play) bank roll needs replenishing after a couple of bad losses. My solution is simply to hop onto a PL table for  a few hands, if after several returns of the BB (Big Blind) I don’t have a hand worth playing I’ll leave to find another table, or more likely I’ll get a high pair, or an ace with a good kicker and contest a pot, the result usually being I double or tripple up my investment.

This puts me in a dilema, although one with only any bearing in a “play money” sense,  should I stick to FL games or return to the “more lucrative” PL games?

If I wasn’t going to return to the “real money” tables, then there wouldn’t really be a dilema at all, I would simply play what I feel like, when I feel like it, but knowing I will be returning to the “real money” tables, I feel the need to base my descions on what games I play on something more profitable then a likeness for PL tonight?

The specifics of the problem being that despite moving to fix limit to keep my variances in check, its having the opposite effect, despite early sessions of win after win, my bankroll has been up and down more times then a roller coaster with PL tables being the only stable factor – I double or triple up regularly.

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Next Step – Online Poker

The next step for me was to take a look at online poker. I’ve read a few forum posts and the occasional article about the online poker explosion now and then but have never previously given it a try, this was soon to change.

I new of two “online casinos” where I could download software and give online poker a try at this time, these where Party Poker, commonly advertised on TV in this part of the world, and Full Tilt, which I became aware of from watching this years WSOP.

I don’t know what influenced my decision but I opted for Party Poker.

I hurriedly downloaded the software and began to navigate the interface and get the feel for the place, it was ok, not great but not terrible either, so I found a “play money” hold’em tournament and took my seat.

This was my first taste of online poker, albeit for “play money” and it wasn’t a good experience, within the first hand half the field went all-in, even I new this was a stupid play, and my suspiscions where confirmed when everyone at the showdown, including the initial raiser had rags…. things went on that way for awhile, until eventually I got fed up and gave up on Party Poker.

Perhaps I was being hasty to give up on Party Poker, without first trying out the real money tables, but it just didn’t feel right, so I wasn’t prepared to deposit my cash, instead I downloaded Full Tilt
My first mistake with Full Tilt was in the software download, the Full Tilt client is only for play money, which meant another download of the Full Tilt client, but otherwise it was a smooth switch.

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