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Poker Academy Prospector

Poke Prospector is a hand analysis tool from the creators of Poker Academy.

By importing your hand histories it allows you to analyze your game by providing you with various stats about how you play, as well as generating reports with specific information for either cash games or tournaments which you can use to highlight areas you are struggling with or particular weakness, such as being too passive, too aggressive, seeing too many flops, etc.

I can’t comment much on the stat and report side, as I don’t use that side of the software. What I do use it for is to record accurate details of my play, such as buy-in’s, session lengths, number of hands, stakes and profit and loss, and the big benefit is that I can then create graphs of my bankroll.I like the software, it is very easy to use and as an array of features that most users will find of benefit, it is also designed to work along side Poker Academy’s training application Poker Academy Pro, so if you don’t play online you can practice your game with Poker Academy Pro and then analyze your play with Poker Prospector which is a nice addition.

The downfalls I see with Poker Prospector is that it is no way near detailed enough on the bankroll management side, but no other offering I’ve seen comes close to what I am looking for either, so it actually does a fine job.

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A V.Good Day

I’ve Just finished my last game of the day with my second 1st place cash. I got lucky at a few crucial moments both in this game and the one before, but think I did everything I could to earn the win on each occasion and it just paid off for me this time around.

I’ve stepped my game up since my huge downswing and adjusted a fair amount, starting to do things differently. I am now far more likely to go all-in and put pressure on my opponents and I’ve been playing more aggressive in the blinds. I picked up a tip earlier which as helped me with my all-in decisions, that being if you are under 20 big blinds you are considered a short stack, before I only considered an all-in If I had the nuts or was bellow 10 big blinds, now I’ve improved that portion of my game a lot.

The picture bellow now shows my bankroll looking much more healthy 🙂


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Poker Academy Prospector

It was pointed out to me that many online poker players use “tracking” software to help them analyze there game by importing and studying hand histories. This is something I’ve never been interested in before, but realizing this gave my opponents an advantage I decided to jump on the bandwagon and went on the search for suitable offerings.

The first software packages I found, where either heavily priced or heavily rubbish, and I probably would have given up on the idea if I hadn’t bumped into Poker Prospector.

Poker Prospector is a software tool, which allows you to import hand histories from online casino’s, so you can record them and analyze how you played in particular circumstances and look for ways to improve on any flagged weaknesses.

I’ve been using it for a week now, and I am really pleased with it, it offers a huge range of analysis capabilities, most of which I am not taking advantage of yet has I have only imported 40 sessions or so, but what I am benefiting from is the graphical representations of my bankroll… it really focuses you, when your are recording your losses graphically, to remind you of each and every bad decision which caused such a loss!

So far I have been using the free trial offer, the only thing putting me off paying for the software is that you are only paying for a key to activate the product, when I would prefer to actually buy a physical product for that money (around $50) . Having said that, it is very good software, and I will likely folk out for the activation key sooner or later.


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