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Seeking Suggestions for Online Poker Goals?

Despite playing for several months now, I haven’t managed to come up with any goals to aim for, besides some rather vauge ones about improving my win rate, cash rate and moving up, etc. Goal setting isn’t a strong point of mine, in fact I’m pretty rubbish at it. However, I’m sure having some set goals written down will help me progress, so with that in mind, I would like to ask my dear readers if they can come up with some suggestions for me to use as my Online Poker Goals

Here’s a bit of background, which might help you, to help me :

1. I currently play $1 regular no-limit hold’em sit-n-go’s on Poker Stars

2. I also occassionaly play 1c/2c no-limitĀ  hold’em sit-n-go’s on Poker Stars

3. I am interested in playing the 3c/6c 6-max no-limit cash games on SunĀ  Poker, but don’t have the funds to deposit there yet.

Thanks xxx

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