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Poker Academy Prospector

Poke Prospector is a hand analysis tool from the creators of Poker Academy.

By importing your hand histories it allows you to analyze your game by providing you with various stats about how you play, as well as generating reports with specific information for either cash games or tournaments which you can use to highlight areas you are struggling with or particular weakness, such as being too passive, too aggressive, seeing too many flops, etc.

I can’t comment much on the stat and report side, as I don’t use that side of the software. What I do use it for is to record accurate details of my play, such as buy-in’s, session lengths, number of hands, stakes and profit and loss, and the big benefit is that I can then create graphs of my bankroll.I like the software, it is very easy to use and as an array of features that most users will find of benefit, it is also designed to work along side Poker Academy’s training application Poker Academy Pro, so if you don’t play online you can practice your game with Poker Academy Pro and then analyze your play with Poker Prospector which is a nice addition.

The downfalls I see with Poker Prospector is that it is no way near detailed enough on the bankroll management side, but no other offering I’ve seen comes close to what I am looking for either, so it actually does a fine job.

Here’s a few links you may find helpful :

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Thought its about time for another bankroll graph upload, I admit to holding out a little whilst I was in the huge down swing. It shows the huge swings I’ve experienced in the last few weeks, which are the biggest I’ve gone through so far.

I put the first huge swing down to tilt, the positive return down to gaining a bit of confidence back and getting lucky at some key moments. The gradual negative swing I put down to making some bad plays in consecutive games that I expect was rewarded when I was on tilt, this was the whole negative re-enforcement thing I wrote about recently.


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Well, I’ve managed to make a small u-turn in my plummeting profits, after ending yesterdays session with a small profit, and I’m looking to build on that today to turn it around.

Had one game this morning, finished 3rd, which is a dam sight better then 4th, but I’m disappointed with myself, I should have won this one, a loose aggressive type for the short stack got lucky flopping a set against my slightly higher pair and doubled up, and I was too eager to bust him and made a bad call later on costing me the lead. Having to lay down a flopped set on a tricky board to an all-in raise on the river didn’t help either.

I haven’t improved my game in a while, so whilst I’m re-building my losses I’m also working on developing my skills, specifically getting practice with suited connectors as I seldom play them and working on playing AQ differently then I have done in the past.

Here’s a recent graph of my bankroll, you can clearly see the huge nose dive that I’ve just gone through, but I’m hopeful to get back up to my highpoint within the next few days.


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Small Contribution

Made another small contribution to my bankroll today. Out of the four Sit-N-Go’s, I cashed twice with a 1st and 2nd place finish, got railed on the bubble once, and have just been railed in 5th.

This last game was the worst by far, played well initially, but the last group of hands I played always ran into someone with total garbage who got lucky on the turn or the river.

Heres how my bankroll looks after todays session :


(click thumbnail to enlarge)

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My Bankroll

Here’s a graph of my bankroll over the last 30 days :


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Supported :-)

I’m feeling very supported at the moment. I’ve been struggling to get data on my Poker Stars sessions for my sessions before I started to download the data locally, so that I could import them into Poker Prospector, so that Poker Prospector will get an accurate picture of my games history and my bankroll balance and would just like to say that the support teams at Poker Stars and Poker Academy (makers of Poker Prospector) have been extremely helpful and I couldn’t have got it done without there help.

Poker Stars has been kind enough to send me whatever data I asked for, as far back as my very first game over a month a go, and have done so in numerous formats, when one wasn’t suitable. The support at Poker Academy has then patiently and efficiently guided me through various options to import this data into Poker Prospector so that the software will have an accurate picture of my game histories and bankroll fluctuations before I started to download the data locally.

Now that all that is done, I can start to post graphs of my bankroll, something I’ve been wanting to do since I first gave Prospector a trial run on the play money tables back on Full Tilt.

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Excellent Support

The support people have just got back to me about my request to see if they could send me all of my game histories, which they have done, I half expected them not to be able to offer me data on all my previous sessions so I am very pleased.

They provided me with a link and a username and password to there server from which I downloaded a zip file of what I asked for. The zip file contained one file with what looks to be all the hand histories for every session, including both Sit-N-Go’s and cash games.

I think what I’ll do is go through the file and try and parse each different game into a separate file to make it more use to Poker Prospector. So with a bit of patience I should have an accurate graphical representation of my bankrolls profit and losses since I deposited on Poker Stars.

Many thanks to the support team at Poker Stars for all there help xxx

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Well, after getting sick of having to constantly re-build my Excel spreadsheets to accommodate my game history and bankroll information I have finally invested in the full version of Poker Prospector from Poker Academy.

I’m keen to get back into using it, as this time the bankroll graphs will have some real value now that they’ll be tracking my progress on the real money tables. However my impatience with getting started on Poker Stars as caused me to run into my first problem.

Out of nearly 110 Sit-N-Go’s, plus over 30 cash games, I only have around 20 Sit-N-Go’s imported into Poker Prospector. This is due to the fact that, I have only very recently found out that you can actually download hand histories with Poker Stars, up until recently I never new it was possible (dumb I know), so now I have the software to record and graph my bankroll as well as all the data of my wins and losses in spreadsheet form, but no way (known to me, yet) to get my actual bankroll plotted out in Prospector, because of my oversight with the hand histories.

I’ve also now joined the Poker Academy forum so hopefully they’ll be an easy solution or work around already posted on there that I can use so I can start posting graphs of my progress.


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Poker Tools

Heres a few tools that I am hoping to road test over the next week, neither of them I have used before, but it should be pretty easy to integrate them into my poker habits.

The tools are :

1. Sit-N-Go Power Tools, suggested to me by doublemeup, Which seems to help you focus on winning the most real money possible rather then the most tournament chips in Sit-N-Go’s. I think I employ pretty good strategies in this area already so it will be interesting to see if or how I change once I’ve used this.

2. Poker Hand, a web based system to upload, store and represent your hand histories. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to utilize this with Poker Stars, failing that I’ll give it a try on a FTP play money table just to get used to it, it may prove useful at some point.

3. Finally, I am going to give Poker Search a try, it is a dedicated poker related search engine. I don’t search the web for poker related information anymore so it will be interesting if Poker Search will bring up something useful.

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Prospector Limit Reached?

Perhaps I should have been aware of this already, but I’ve just unexpectedly found out I can’t import anymore hand histories into my (trial of) Poker Prospector, apparently until you purchase the key / licence you are limited to import only up to 1,000 hands.

Can’t afford to purchase the licence key and deposit some money in to my poker account at the same time, so looks like I’m going to have to knock up a spreadsheet to record future results in, at least until I purchase the key or get a more permanent solution.

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