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Poker Soc Tournament

Just got back from my first tournament at the local Uni’s poker society. It was a £5 buy-in NL hold’em game, with a re-buy period of one hour, where the blinds would be fixed at 25/50, after the re-buy period, people could add-on for another £5, getting another 2k in chips.

I didn’t feel comfortouble at first, and it probably showed, most people on my table seemed to be playing real loose due to the re-buy period, so on the second hand ended up all in and got busted, no major thing in the re-buy period but that was my first major mistake, I couldn’t afford to keep throwing money at the game, so I should have played more conservative until I got into a rythm, leaving me that same £5 to be used to add an extra 2k to my stack in the break.

My downfall came pretty quick, only an half hour after the break, although it was my play within the re-buy period which most likely lead to this.

Twice within the re-buy period I moved all in, and on both occassions I ended up against only one caller, the chip leader. First time I easilly had the best of it, with aces and kings on the flop, the second time was less certain and my opponent folded to my “semi-bluff”…. these where my errors, and they lead to me being busted by this same player shortly afterwards.

My “large” all in moves where far too obvious, and by the time I got busted I had done the same thing twice to the same player, thinking about it now, it could have so easilly been avoioded, by me raising so heavily in these situations, my opponent could only put me on two types of hands, a monster or a bluff, so inevitably on the 3rd occassion of me making this play he had a hand worth calling me with and he busted me.

Whats even more shocking is that I could have so easily gotten out of it, I put him on a flush draw or a bluff, he called a raise from me with two clubs on the flop, and as the turn misess the flush, I feel confident my two pair has him beat, not relising of course, he was slow playing his king high flush from the flop, the safer play would have been to simply call and take a smaller pot, if he raised I’d know he had the best of it and I could have folded, ah well I know not to make the same mistake again next time.

My overall experience, albeit a short one was great, there was a really fun atmosphere, but more importantly for me, was that the poker was the main event of the evening, it wasn’t a bit of fun or a quick sideline, tonight was all about the poker, and I loved it!

I will certainly be looking forward to my next soc event.

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