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Seeking Suggestions for Online Poker Goals?

Despite playing for several months now, I haven’t managed to come up with any goals to aim for, besides some rather vauge ones about improving my win rate, cash rate and moving up, etc. Goal setting isn’t a strong point of mine, in fact I’m pretty rubbish at it. However, I’m sure having some set goals written down will help me progress, so with that in mind, I would like to ask my dear readers if they can come up with some suggestions for me to use as my Online Poker Goals

Here’s a bit of background, which might help you, to help me :

1. I currently play $1 regular no-limit hold’em sit-n-go’s on Poker Stars

2. I also occassionaly play 1c/2c no-limit  hold’em sit-n-go’s on Poker Stars

3. I am interested in playing the 3c/6c 6-max no-limit cash games on Sun  Poker, but don’t have the funds to deposit there yet.

Thanks xxx

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My New Years Resolution

My new years resolution is :

To not make a continuation bet on the turn,  if I don’t make my hand against an opponent I know to be a calling station. I have done this for the last time.

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A Game of Situations

OK another philosophical post…. my ROI has been dropping steadily for some time now, and despite getting it back up now and then it has now reached its all time low, thinking about this I had an epiphany. I think I have just started to. make too many moves in the wrong situations.

Over the next couple of days, I’ll try and have a think about what I have begun to do differently and what may need to change.

The main thing that has changed is my willingness to jam to put pressure on my opponents and to make some very aggressive raises when shorthanded, most of the time I make one of these plays, I have some logic behind it, but these types of plays are still relatively new to me, so it is highly likely that I am lacking the situational experience to realize when such a move is profitable and when it will just get me into trouble.

I think its time to get back to basics for awhile.

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Why Do I Play?

In response to my previous post, I had some thought and reminded myself why I play poker.

I don’t play for the fun of it, or because I’m bored, or because I get pleasure out of getting lucky, I play to build my bankroll, I play for money, I play to improve my game and most of all I play because I intend to be one of the worlds best and succeed in the WSOP, this is more then a game for me!

So after giving myself the 3rd degree, I realized why I’ve been lacking consistency and not making much progress. I had forgotten why I’m doing all this, and had become complacent, not staying as sharp as I have been and made some stupid plays, trying to justify them within the situation.

I’m going to try and keep this in mind when I feel my play starts to wonder from where it should.

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Falling Behind

Havn’t had time for a single tournament today, been out most of the day and I’m too tired to focus on a game now, so I’ve missed out on a days much needed frequent player points.

After only earning one point yesterday and none today I am going to start falling behind in my bonus race if I don’t get back into my 4 a day routine, which is a situation I don’t want to be stuck in, I’ve worked too hard to keep on track to be forced to end up playing more and more games per day just to reach the deadline.

Hopefully I’ll have a productive day tomorrow, both in points and profit.

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Biggest Win So Far…

I’ve just come first in a home poker tournament winning my biggest poker earnings from a single tournament so far, £20 from a £3 buy-in.

The crazy thing is I went in the intention to just watch and maybe deal for everyone but got too excited as people started to take their seats so I bought in, and I’m very glad I did.

There where a few irregularities, but nothing to major so it was actually a really good tournament, and I surprised myself by how much I was enjoying it. I tried to make sure some key rules where upheld, and in the most part they where, though a couple of people kept removing there cards or chips from the table and there where a few attempts to make incorrect bets. The only real nightmare was that almost everyone was acting out of turn, especially when they wanted to fold.

I amassed a nice lead, winning my first 3 hand, but after awhile with the chip lead, I started to loose concentration so lost the lead, I regained my composure though and kept playing solidly, gradually building my stack and knocking people out until it became heads-up.

After a few bouts heads-up, I landed AJo and hit top pair with the jack on the flop, I raised my opponent all-in and he called, the turn paired is 7, but my jacks held up giving me the win.

I look forward to the next game they host, besides a few issues with the blinds and the almost constant acting out of turn it was a pretty well run game, certainly compared to some games I have witnessed.

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First Ever Quads!

Now I could be wrong, but I think I’m right in saying I’ve just hit my first ever 4-of-a-kind, quad sixes.

It was another 10/20 limit game, and it was 3 handed, I was in middle position, and was allowed to limp in with suited crap like 64 spades, now hitting two sixes on the flop was very lucky, and its highly likely I now have the best hand, even though I’m cautious of my very weak kicker.

I bet out and re-raise a raise to increase the size of the pot, the turn causes one to fold, so I’m heads-up, with even more chance of my hand being the winner…. and then out of the mystical realm of the deck comes another 6! I couldn’t resist shouting out (good job it wasn’t a live game) and pummel him for all he can give…. its times like these when I miss playing no-limit :p

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Sick of Play Money…

Been a bit behind in my usual online poker schedule today, only had 4 games, one loss, one abandoned game and two large profits, all very well, but I am sick of play money.

I’ve decided the next time I’m able (next week) I am going to make another deposit and try to turn a little profit from online play for once, rather then just accumulate the play money over and over again – I’ve waited long enough!

Its probable, though not yet fixed in stone, that I’ll make my deposit on full tilt, but I’ve heard a lot of mentions of other “online casinos” recently so I may be persuaded to try one of them out instead, either way I’ve got a week to get my game face on and to get ready as much as I can…. yeah I know, its only the micro limits, but everyone has to start somewhere and I want this (re-) start to be a positive one 🙂

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