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More Hands

Sit-N-Go – 1

I’m being lazy and skipping to my final hand in this tournament, but everything else was pretty normal.

Anyways, its heads-up, and despite taking down a few pots, the chip leader has still got a huge lead over me. I find 96 and call the BB who checks behind.

On the flop I make an open ended straight draw, but my opponent rather quickly makes a large bet, this was unussual for this player, up to now, he had bet around 300 to pick up the pot, and he’s not likely to make a reckless bluff in this spot, so I know he’s got it at this point.

I quickly rule calling out, because if I miss my outs on the turn and face a large bet, which I almost certainly would I’ll have a difficult decision, so I push all-in to make sure I see both cards and to try and double up. I miss my outs and I’m out in 2nd.

Sit-N-Go -2

Picked up a pretty hand hand here with QJs, and its the type of hand I rarley get an opportunity to play, so was pleased to be able to see a flop for half price against only one opponent. The flop gave me nothing, but my opponent checked behind so I got to see the turn for free.

The turn gave me the nut straight, but also may have completed a flush, I opt to lead out and maybe take down the pot there, my opponent calls. The river was a safe card for me, putting me at a loss to only a flush made on the turn, but I check anyway, which I think was a mistake, my opponent leads out for $150 and I call, which may have been another mistake, but he would likely beat here with many hands, and I was only beaten by the flush.

What I feel I should have done was lead out on the river with a bet of $90, which I thought about, and he may have called behind saving me a bet, but I think what changed my mind was the size of the pot, where a bet of $90 would look very weak, and I may have gotten re-raised.

This was easily my favorite hand of the match. I held pocket queens, and raised to 4xBB and get one caller. The flop brought a dreaded over card, a King, and to make matters worse my opponent puts me all-in. My first instinct is to fold and accept I’m beat by a King, my 2nd thought then says push all-in and hope for the best, as I’ll only have 4.5 orbits (ish) if I fold here before I’m blinded out.

I instead take my time to evaluate the situation. The time button pops up and I click it, to give my 60 seconds on my decision. What stood out immediately was how quickly he acted on the flop, it was almost instant, and his bet was unusually large, even if he had AK, I wouldn’t expect him to bet so much, so after 20 seconds or so of thought, I decide he could be trying to buy the pot and call, to see AJ, I’m aware he has outs, but I avoid them and I double up.

Lucky enough to find kings here against an all-in push from a short stack, I fully expect to be way ahead of the short stack, but know I’m vulnerable if I call and get callers behind me so I push all-in to isolate the short stack, and take down another nice pot. action is now down to 4, and I have become critically low on chips. I would ussually have made a few moves, but there was always a shorter guy beneth me, but close enough to me that I didn’t want to make plays with marginal hands only to loose my chip advantage other the shorter stack, so in this respect I was forced to hang on awhile, though naturally if he had doubled up I would have become very aggressive.

In the final hand I hold T5s, and the short stack is all-in for just under my stack, so I throw my chips in as well, not so much hoping that I win, but more hoping the short stack losses which will give me 3rd place money, which is good enough if I don’t get lucky and double up.

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Some Key Hands

Sit-N-Go – 1

Got excellent value for my pocket aces here against a calling station, and I made note to not c-bet at him without the goods, my other opponents lacking this restraint soon add him back up to a healthy stack.

4 handed, with relatively high blinds I found AJs, and I wanted to play it aggressively and hopefully take down the pot pre-flop, but I made a stupid min-raise allowing him to take back control with a push holding a medium pocket pair, I called and missed to have my stack decimated.

I had noted this player make several raises in quick success, and the table was reluctant to tangle with him, I judged my hand was likely the winner or against a pair as I was, but I didn’t want to just call and I needed to take down pots to ensure I had a shot at winning the tournament. I think my mistake was not re-raising him all-in.

After loosing the coin toss with my AJs my cards no longer mattered, I needed to get lucky, so I pushed all-in with my next hand 95 off suite and was very surprised to get a fold from the BB.

Because of the very high blinds compared to stack sizes each of us had dropped low on chips sooner or later, and we where in turn keeping ourselves afloat by aggressive pre-flop action. I had taken several pots with folds pre-flop, as had everyone else so wasn’t surprised that I got a call, though was a little surprised by the hand that I was called by.

Overall heads-up I felt I was out played, but I could be being too hard on myself, sometimes your opponent just has the goods and you don’t, I’m not going to dwell on it.

Anyway, I fould J7s, not a good hand by any stretch of the imagination, but I had folded several hands recently and didn’t want to let my stack dwindle further, so I made my standard raise, where each previous time I either showed a good hand or it went to showdown with me leading. I was re-raised by my opponent going all-in, I knew I could easilly be behind, but my opponent had also come over the top and stolen several pots recently so he could be just as weak as me and trying to apply the pressure.

Needing to take down a key pot to give me a clear shot at 1st place I called, hoping to get lucky. We both paired, his was higher and I was out in 2nd, the hand played close to how I expected it would, I just didn’t come out on top this time, but that’s okay, after loosing the race with AJs against a pair I was very lucky to finish in the money at all, so I’m pleased to take 2nd place money here.

Sit-N-Go – 2

I feel this hand although early on, cost me at least a cash finish, although I also feel I lost the minimum and played it well. I woke up with pocket jacks in middle position, and being so early and having limper’s in front I decided to limp along and see a cheap flop.

On the flop I made an over pair, but the flop held a pair of deuces. Someone leads out, and I re-raise them expecting them to hold the 9’s, but they quickly push all-in against me, and I fold.

Actually just going through the hand, they lead out when the blinds where only small, so my opponent actually opened with a 5x raise, which is large enough on this spot for me to have assumed they where trying to get value with trips as opposed to betting out with the 9’s,  the correct play probably should have been to fold to the bet instead of re-raise taking the size of her bet into account, ah well.

After checking my option on the BB I was lucky enough to make two pair on the river. I folded though, and here’s why, one of my opponents took an ussually long time to act on the turn when the board paired, and I felt on the turn that he was trying to work out how to play the trips he had just made, so when he lead out on the river, for a bet that was a large portion of my stack, I had an easy fold.

My final hand, I found Q9s, and usually it will go in the muck and I’ll await a better spot to try and double up, but after considering a few important points I decided this could be my best time to make a stand, so I pushed all-in.

Firstly there was only one limper, whereas up to this point, up to this point there had ussually been multiple limper’s in the pot, this gave my weak hand more chance of holding up, and if I folded I would have less of a stack to reduce the field when I have to push, with a hand that is likely to be only marginally stronger then my Q9s.

Most importantly though, I had noticed the BB had raised frequently against me since I had become short stacked, and seemed to do this out of routine, if it had folded to the two of us. I looked over the instant hand history, and he had opened with a raise frequently, at least half of his last ten hands, so I thought about it, and decided to push all-in, looking for a fold.

He took some time, but eventually called and turned over pocket deuces, I was right he was weak, but held the lead, and a deuce on the flop sealed the deal, I needed runners and didn’t get them this time.

Trying to keep up with my new “zen like” focus I just made a note of his actions for next time and let it be, but this wasn’t a very nice game for me.

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