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High Point

Finally I’ve ended my run of 2nd place finishes and had a great heads-up game giving me the win which has now taken me back up to my bankrolls highest point. Its still not great, just under $14 profit, but this is the highest profit levels my bankroll as reached before and it has taken quite a few games to get it back after decimating it after a couple of horrific sessions.

I’m pleased to be back to this point, but now I must work even harder to keep pushing my bankroll in the right direction. My short term aim is to get up to $75 where I’m going to sit in a $5 buy-in Sit-N-Go, by bankroll management standards this is a mistake, but after playing so many $1 Sit-N-Go’s I think I deserve a game at a slightly higher limit and as a nice bonus it will also earn me 3 FPP’s instead of the usual 1 on the $1 Sit-N-Go’s. Whether I win, cash or loose I’m still not hanging around on the $5 limits, I’ll be back down at the $1 Sit-N-Go’s, until my bankroll is much closer to the 30 buy-in amount of $150.

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BR Management with Black Jack

I’ve just got back from one of my local casinos, where I managed to tripple my money with Black Jack!

We intended to enter a £2 NL tournament but missed the dead line for entry and me and my friend decided to go along anyway and have a bit of fun. After wandering around dazed for a few moments trying to get our bearings as neither of us had ever been in this particular casino before, we eventually found ourselves at a Black Jack table and changed our money for some chips.

I only intended to play with £5 out of the £10 I sat down with, so put one £5 chip aside and played with the 5 singles, never touching the single £5 chip. It wasn’t long before I started earning a few wins and I realized that I should start to add to that £5 chip with the aim of leaving the table with the same amount of money I sat down with, this goal was soon reached and I had made my £10 and had some fun.

I was still happy to play though, and whilst I had some chips left I kept playing, and I only dipped into my reserve once before rebuilding it again. I then set myself a new aim, an aim to double my money and turn my £10 I sat down with into £20, so after I won a few rounds, I would place a bet or two into my “bankroll” pile which wouldn’t be played with and I would keep on playing with a smaller pile of chips.

By this point my friend was on a roll, He must have hit at least eight Black Jacks! it was pure magic and I could tell he loved stacking up those chips lol. Once I reached what I believed was £20 in my bankroll I slowed down a little, wanting to be firm with myself and leave when I doubled my money, so I played a few more rounds, not really caring at this point whether I won or lost the few remaining “play” chips I had left, knowing that I had doubled my money already.

I finally busted out of my “play” chips and my friend agreed that it was time to leave, so we counted out our chips as instructed to have them changed for higher denominations to take to the cash desk and I was pleased to find that I had put away more then I thought, and took £30 over to the cash desk, my friend was even more sucessfull and had made £27 from his initial stake of only £5.

So we had a great night and took home £42 in pure profit between us.

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Back on Form

Just finished my first game since my appalling string of losses, and have taken first place, despite playing immediately after getting in from a party and having a few drinks :p

Its a shame I let myself blow all my profit earlier, or else I would be in a really good position now, still I’m back in profit. Not going to play anymore now until I’ve got some sleep, then if I feel I’m not distracted or anything after some rest I’ll hit the tables again and try and get back into my usual routine.

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NL Victory

Just had another great game on the $1 + 20c NL tables. There was nothing unusual at first but around the 5 handed stage, we had one lunatic who went all-in hand after hand on blatant steels for around four or five consecutive hands, he had even lost the chip lead through this behaviour a few hands ago, and still did the same thing. Thankfully someone called him and put themselves at risk, they called with a hand I wouldn’t QJs I think, but they won out and got rid of the lunatic for us.

The game got back to normal for awhile then. I just tried to keep focused and played my some good poker, it paid off as eventual I made it past the bubble, with the clear chip leader holding around $4k ahead of me and a very vulnerable short stack who only held around $1k maybe even less.

The worse thing was as soon as I held a good hand, from pocket 9’s all the way up to pocket q’s, the chip leader would go all-in, and (chatted about it to him, afterwards) there is no way I’m risking 2nd place price money by going all-in with even pocket queens.

Eventually though the short stack is forced in and it becomes heads-up, by this point me and the chip leader have been chatting a little now and then, and after a few rounds of me almost taking the lead from him, I jokingly tell him I’m a bit of a heads-up specialist, I replies saying that he’s “noticed I’ve changed it up a bit”.

We battle at it for awhile, with me soon taking the lead, but I blow it hopelessly not long into by calling the wrong all-in, If I recall correctly he scored an ace on the turn giving him the lead again with a massive margin of comfort.

As you may be accustomed to by now though, I kept pushing back at him and eventually came even… a few hands down the line I had the lead again. A few more large pots come my way and my opponent goes all-in, this pot would give him a great chance at a come back, so I’m a bit worried, but call anyway sensing my pocket 9’s are good, he holds pocket 7’s and neither of us improve so I take the win.

This victory has come at a perfect time as I was feeling a bit down about my lack of aggression in earlier games today, (even posted about it on HPT), but I managed to pull myself out of it and this win will no doubt boost my confidence a little more.

This win coupled with a couple 3rd place finishes earlier as moved me beyond a couple of bad runs where I finished 4th twice and even 5th once yesterday and as now put me a little over $2 ahead of my deposit amount.

This is what I’ve been waiting for, now I can play and without worrying about falling behind again if I don’t make the money. With any luck I’ll make some more cashes tomorrow and start to increase my bankroll so I can think about buying into some large buy-in tournaments.


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Couldn’t Resist

I’m terrible I know, couldn’t resist “one more game”, earned another tiny profit though, this time 64c, and I’ve realized something too.

Whether its feeling pressured because I’ve been waiting so long to get back to playing with “real money” or because the limits are tiny (even for micro limit games) I’ve been a bit reckless, not too reckless though, just called a few times when I should have folded, knowing I was beat. I found it hard to not thirst for action, as each pot was so tiny… but after loosing more bets then I should have more then once, I’ve realized its pointless trying to rush the game, you only end up rushing to earn back what you lost when you played too loose, as I’ve just done. So the next time I hit the table I should be a little more composed and be in a better position to leave with a bit more profit.

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Couldn’t Wait…

The title says it all, I couldn’t wait, I simply just had to sit down and have a little game. It worked out good though, despite having a cold, I walked away with 23c in profit, not much, and under normal circumstances I would have hung around to try and turn that into a couple of dollars profit, but its late / early, I’m tired and full of cold, so I took my tiny profit and left the table ahead.

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