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My First Ever Straight Flush!

Just finished the 4th game of the day, and its been one of those rare games where you get a kaleidoscope of great hands coming your way in a very peculiar fashion. For instance, I found pocket queens immediately followed by pocket jacks, and then much later on found pocket jacks immediately followed by pocket queens!

Thats not the best bit of course, I actually made my first ever straight flush. I was so shocked, I checked the board about twenty times before committing my stack, and it still took a few moments to sink in as the pot was pushed to me. Imagine how devastated I would be, if I was busted by a higher one, it doesn’t bare thinking about lol

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Laydowns and Bluffs

Just finished my 2nd Sit-N-Go of the evening, it started off well, but I had to lay down two good hands, which cost me in chips, and then I folded the best hand to a bluff, which put me on tilted me somewhat, now very short stacked I’m on the rail in 5th.

Here I find QQ UTG and open with a 4xBB raise, its folded to someone in MP who re-raises to 7xBB. I was tempted to call this and try and flop a set or avoid an ace or a king on the flop, but felt this guy wouldn’t re-raise with anything lower then AK, which wasn’t a big enough edge for me, and so early I didn’t want to re-raise him off his hand. The SB then re-raises to 20xBB and my decision is made.

Both players show KK, and I’m pleased to have made a good lay down, but stupidly inform the table, which would allow a smart player to try and bluff me off a similar holding, I instantly regretted it.

This was a hand I wasn’t happy with. I had flopped trips but my kicker was very weak, and I’m conscious of loosing a tournament because I went broke in almost the same spot against an aggressive player not long ago where I held Q4 and flop trips.

I chose to lead out here. I did this because I didn’t feel at this point my opponent was aggressive enough to bet out here with most hands, whether he hit or not and I didn’t want it checked behind, which would put me in a position where I wouldn’t know if a higher queen was slow playing his trips. I get re-raised and I quickly drop it, not wanting to loose more chips to a higher queen, but feel I may have been bluffed. I had close to no information on him, and as I was watching the 2005 HU championship whilst playing, I wasn’t as tuned into the feel of the table as I should have been. I just had to let it go.

After having doubts I lay down the worst hand in the above hand, this affected me even more so, and if I had enough chips to get into much trouble, I probably would have done.

This hand highlights why I feel paying very close attention to the table is very important, if I had paid my usual amount of attention to this players previous actions, I would have taken down this pot, and avoided any tilt that the lay down may have induced.

I lay down my hand here, because I was reasonably sure I saw this guy check-down a nut flush on the turn, in similar circumstances and then  re-raise to a bet on the river, I didn’t want to give him the pleasure of doing it to me, however if I had paid close attention to his previous actions, I likely would have realized he didn’t hold the flush and would have taken down the pot. When he showed his cards, I expected to see over cards, or the flush, the deuces surprised me and it annoyed me I lay down the best hand.

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NL Sit-N-Go Victory

Excellent news to report, I have just won my very first NL Hold’em tournament on Poker Stars, and I am very very pleased. When it got shorthanded the game was actually really fun, me and one of my opponents kept chatting to each other a little whilst we battled it out and I enjoyed it, far less stressing then some of my previous games.

After awhile my opponent took out the short stack, and we where heads-up, I was at a bit of a disadvantage having a few thousand less then my opponent but I kept up the pressure and managed not to blow it. Eventually I was put to a decision and moved all-in with QQ, and it didn’t hold up my stack was decimated by A6. Thankfully though just before I had taken the chip lead slightly so I still had a few chips, and after some key flops fell my way I still had a chance.

Just in time some good cards came my way too, good for heads-up anyway, like KQs, etc and I took down a few large pots and stole some blinds now and then. Eventually I managed to take the lead and keep it, I kept piling on the pressure until eventually it was me who was doing the pushing. The first time he survived his all-in, only just though, his kicker was slightly higher then mine, I think I had K2 and he survived with K3, but the next pot was mine, giving me my first ever 1st place since I started these Sit-N-Go’s and I am very pleased I couldn’t resist one more game before bed :p

Yesterday I got down to $8+ behind though, so I’m still not ahead with the $4.50 prize money, but thanks to several 2nd and 3rd place tournament cashes today I’m only 49c behind which I can live with.

Time for some rest and recuperation now, and I’ll hit the tournaments again tomorrow, hopefully that will be the start of my bankroll growth 🙂

Love and hugs xxx

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First Freeroll

Just got busted out of my first ever freeroll tournament. It was held on Poker Stars and there where 2076 competitors, largest field I’ve ever played against. The price pool was $100, with $18 being awarded for first place, 396 places would be paid.

Not knowing much about freerolls (other then the fact that they are free :p) I did a quick Google and read an interesting strategy, and thought I’ll give it a try, this is why I got booted out so early, but that was kinda the point of the strategy, so you could say it worked. The idea was to raise all in when you had a great hand, so I waited folded a few times and on my 3rd or 4Th hand I pick up QQ and push all-in, I get one caller who also goes all in, he holds AK against my queens and hits his ace on the turn or river, busting me out and taking the chip lead at our table.

You could argue the strategy failed, but its aimed at minimizing your time at the table and at the same time giving you the best chance of finishing in the money, by forcing you to either get a huge lead early or bust out to join another freeroll before you’ve committed several hours into a game with nothing to show for it.

This strategy does appeal to me, but next time I think I’ll enter with a large raise with QQ instead of the all-in push, giving me more options should they not hold up.

Was fun though, despite only lasting 5 or 6 hands, and I got to just over 1800 places so you could tell others had the same idea I had.

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