Lucky Straights

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Whats the Odds?

I’m in a 18 player Sit-N-Go on Poker Stars, and have had quads twice 🙂

I was lucky enough to avoid an ace, king or queen on the flop here, and made a set on the turn, but the 3rd jack made a flush possible so I check, the river brought a nice site though, a fourth jack!

This hand played itself, I was short stacked and moved all-in with KK, I flop a set and then make quads on the river!

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My Turn

I’m sat in a cash game, and flop a set. I’m re-raised, but I don’t credit him for the straight, probably as this is an aggressive cash game, and I wanted a change from playing tight and conservative like I start off in tournaments. Anyway he does hold the straight, but I flop quads on the turn 🙂

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First Ever Quads!

Now I could be wrong, but I think I’m right in saying I’ve just hit my first ever 4-of-a-kind, quad sixes.

It was another 10/20 limit game, and it was 3 handed, I was in middle position, and was allowed to limp in with suited crap like 64 spades, now hitting two sixes on the flop was very lucky, and its highly likely I now have the best hand, even though I’m cautious of my very weak kicker.

I bet out and re-raise a raise to increase the size of the pot, the turn causes one to fold, so I’m heads-up, with even more chance of my hand being the winner…. and then out of the mystical realm of the deck comes another 6! I couldn’t resist shouting out (good job it wasn’t a live game) and pummel him for all he can give…. its times like these when I miss playing no-limit :p

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