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Bad Luck and My Mistake

If Bad Luck ever showed in a game of poker it would be the one I’ve just left, the highest hand I held was AT off suite, the only pair I had was a pair of 4’s, all my other hands where connectors, or 2 and 3 gapped connectors both suited and non-suited.

I think its the worse run of cards I’ve ever had!

I was pretty disciplined at first, but after over an hour of this trash I let my guard down and began to play (gamble) with some rags I shouldn’t have just to try and hit the flop, even if I did it didn’t help and I was on a downward spiral. It wasn’t all down to bad luck though, my mistake was hanging around where I wasn’t getting decent cards for so long, I just kept thinking to myself I can win it all back when the good cards came, but they never did.

Perhaps a greater mistake was playing beyond I had reached my stop-loss mark, I set before I left the game, even though I believed the game to still be good, It would have been wise to leave at that point if not before.

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No Greater Contrast…

Well, just finished the second game of tonight (NL Hold’em) and they could be no greater contrast between this in the previous game.

Started of on a less then smooth note by the new player(X) arguing and moaning about the rules, I can understand some confusion as a lot of things have changed, since I have actually found out how to run a “proper” Hold’em tournament (thanks go out to ) but trying to debate the rules to this extent rather then just get on with the game was a little OTT in my opinion, especially considering the rules in question (you can’t check to the blinds, etc).

Anyway, moans and groans aside, the game was a little too passive, well boring, yes even for a pocker nut like me. There was very little action, even when it was clear someone was ahead, all call’s and check’s. I would have loved to stir up the game and get a bit aggressive, but I simply did not have the cards, a fair way into the game with no knockouts and it was time for me to mix things up a bit with a couple of “large” raises, not wise considering the cards I held, but the game needed some action by this point.

… fast forward … a few blind levels, one player gets knocked out after a semi-forced all-in with rags who doesn’t improve, I’m next to go with an all-in on K9 suited, yes crazy I know, but was kinda worth it just to stave of the boredom which seemed deep within both myself and the player who’d just been eliminated.

So we had a heads-up situation with the two remaing players, both where roughly equal in chip stacks at this point. Player(X) picked up rather more pots then he should have simply by sensing his opponents weakness when he held nothing, I picked up on this so strongly that I asked him if he wanted to leave the room so I could make him aware of a couple of large tells, which certainly told me, if not player(X) he held nothing but rags.

Finally after several more hands, and a blind increase the remaining player to my left got the message, either through my repeated mentions openly of “when heads up you need to be more aggressive” and “when heads up, if you have nothing, chances are your opponent doesn’t either” or through improvements in his hole cards, he stepped up and made a few raises, and stayed in the hand a little more rather then folding his blind almost immediately.

It didn’t take long, and not too many wins for player X’s look of confidence to fade, a few calls to raises 1/4 size of his chip stack with nothing more then a high card soon made his stack disappear too, and not soon after he went all in to a trip jacks…. and that was that.

Not a game I enjoyed, more for how others played then my bad run of cards, but it did make a change from playing even worse players on line for play money, add my excellent “friendly” victory earlier and it hasn’t been too bad a night.

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Most Suck-Outs Ever?

I’ve just got off another (play) limit cash game, and got sucked out with rags so many times, I’m actually a little shocked I managed to leave with any money at all.

Here’s a little selection of my starting hands, all lost big time to rags which hit a set or full house, etc on the turn or river, often when I’ve hit trips, including trip aces!

AQ – x2

All my other hands I either folded (nearly all) or was allowed to limp in or check the blind with a suited connector (67s, 89s), if I missed the flop I’d then fold without much of a loss, but the above hands cost me virtually all my buy-in.

My 3rd AQ finally holds up tripling my money, but by now I’m so far behind that I’ve only just recovered my buy-in amount, another few hands with only rags appearing and I leave with the same amount that I bought in with, first time I haven’t made a loss or a profit.

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