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Blooming Trips!

Not been a good day for me today, though without doubt I think I have played very well in all of my games.

I have lost 3 major pots, one in each game I have sat in, and two cost me my seat in the tournament, all to my opponent running into trips. In the first game, My opponent hung on with a small pair and then hit a set on the river to beat my two pair and stole a huge pot from me.

Hand 1

The second game had a similar occurrence, with me calling a ridiculous all-in on the flop from an opponent who paired is 8 with J8, of course on the river he made trips to crack my pocket kings and bust me.

Hand 2

Then the 3rd game, I feel forced to make a move with AQ, and run into pocket kings who flops a set to bust me.

Hand 3

On the brighter side, I’m up about $2k in play money from 100/200 Razz lol

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2 Points

After a bit of reflection on my recent sessions, I’ve realized that I need to remind myself about 2 points, which have had particular relevance online lately :

1. Even as the short stack don’t push all-in, hoping your opponent(s) will fold, no matter how stupid it will be for your opponent(s) to call, online especially at least one of them will make the call.

2. If it is unlikely that any raise you make will not reduce the field, it is pointless to make it, especially with hands like AT, AJ pre-flop.

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Nice Cards :-)

Whilst waiting for a freeroll tournament to start, thought I’ll sit down at a cash game for a few hands and try and pick up a bit of profit to off-set my deficit and I ran into a bit of luck.

After a couple of hands, I found KK in the hole, and went in with a raise, and got one aggressive caller to re-raise me, I re-raised him back and found another king waiting for me on the flop – Lovely. The very next hand and I find AA and go in aggressive (a limit game), the same player sticks with me, no set from the flop this time but my pair did the job on its own and netted me a nice profit.

Think thats the first time I’ve ever found KK and then AA immediately afterwards.

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Good Play Works

Just had a really rough game (10/20 limit, as usual), I get a few of these now and then, but this one was particularly bad, didn’t get much offerings in the way of cards, best I had was AQ off suite, and that didn’t hold up.

Kept seeing raises after raises from people with nothing, and then miraculously as I have come to expect online they always hit something on 4th or 5th street, but me no such luck, took a tiny pot with one hand, everything else was a loss, even had to add-on a few times just to stop myself from having to go all in.

Despite all the cold cards and raising chaos around me I managed to hold on to some resemblance of “starting card standards”, and with patience (a whole heap load) it paid off, and I got my profit increase.

It goes to show that good play does indeed pay off in the end, though sometimes that end can seem a very long time coming, I just need to keep reminding myself of that.

However, I am in agreement with Mike Caro on his point about loosening up just a little when faced with hoards of loose players, if you miss the flop and get out, you’ve hopefully only lost one bet, but by being just a little less-strict then usual you increase your chances of hitting something unexpected.

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