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Sun Poker

Haven’t played a single game today, been in too much pain with my eye, each time I considered playing the pain would peak and I couldn’t concentrate on making a cup of tea let alone sitting still for an hour in a poker game.

I did manage to get one thing done though, I found a new poker site where I can get a rake back deal. This has been bugging me for a while now. My two main sites have always been FTP where I neglected a rake back deal (how I regret it now!) and PS which don’t support rake back deals yet, and I’ve been itching to find a new site where I could benefit from one of these deals, trouble is that was getting hard.

I first tried to sign up with UB via a rake back deal from Poker Source Online, but PSO require a minimum $100 deposit before I can complete the registration, which is out of my reach at the moment, and that’s a lot to deposit on a site I’ve never used before. Most of the other sites I would try with a rake back deal, I already have an account with  them, so that was a no go either.

Finally however I found Sun Poker, and actually managed to find a rake back deal that didn’t require me to deposit $100 too. I haven’t managed to play there yet, as I’ve been in too much pain, but I did take a look around the software and watched a Sit-N-Go for a while and I think I’ll enjoy my time there, the software is very similar to that used by Poker Stars which I am used to, and they use the same system for player notes / chat that PS do which is my preferred method.

More good news came when the nice people at support gave me $5 for free, I’m not sure whether this is a standard thing, or because I replied to an e-mail letting them know how I found there site and why I like it and such, either way I’m very pleased 🙂

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