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Heads-Up Madness

Couldn’t sleep, so I decide to sit in another heads-up sit-n-go. I fold my first hand, and the next two hands end up all-in, each time its a split pot. I look for reasons to fold, but this guy is going all-in over and over, and I can’t keep folding hands like KJ against him, so I call, only for a split pot, the next hand the same a split pot. Then I call his all-in with ATs, he shows KJ off suite, but makes his flush on the river to bust me.

I was steaming, not because of the hand, but because he sat in a heads-up match just to throw all is money in and gamble, and the prick forced me to do the same. I would like to wish something horrible to happen to him, but I wont…

Here’s my big mistake, I immediately sign up for another hoping it isn’t more of the same, it isn’t, but as good as, with my opponent willing to get all the money in on the 3rd hand in, I make a couple of calls with dominated hands, only to survive by miracle split pots, until my stack is decimated. Next hand I find 65s and flop a straight, my opponent puts me all-in with his pocket tens, and goes on to fill up on the river.

Determined to not blow off another stack, and take a legitimate win back, I sign up for another. Again though its not long before where all-in pre-flop, I re-raised with AQ and he pushes all-in, no way I can fold this heads-up, he turns over AK and I wish I had, until the river where I hit my 3 outer.

Obviously I’m very happy to steel a win with my AQ on the final (yes final!) match of the night, but its clear these heads-up NL matches are going to be a huge test to my tilt control, and maybe that’s a good thing, especially if I want to learn to play PLO :p

After tonight’s episode though, I’m not willing to commit as much money to these as I would have liked, and besides the high volatility of dodging constant all-in’s pre-flop, I’m not improving my game at all, by simply pushing and folding, there pointless. I’m a sucker for punishment though, so I’ll probably do one or two a week and hope to pick a time when there not filling up by complete morons.

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Very Very Pissed Off!

I am very very pissed off right now, I have just lost a huge pot with a set of queens when the river gave the winner a set of kings, added to this I have lost my last two Sit-N-Go’s by being river’ed its been a terrible night and I am fucking sick of loosing countless favorable situations!

Here’s my pain in full pictorial form :

This may have been avoided by a straight push all-in, I’m boggled as much as you are why I didn’t, but the result is still has unpleasant.

This fucking idiot called my all-in push on the turn, where he had only a 15% chance of winning, as he says “he had to take a look”.

I’ve still only played very few NL cash games, but this is twice my set has lost to a higher set made on the river, I am more then a little pissed off about it, I’m like the new fucking Mike Matusow or something!

According to Poker Stove, I was a 88% favorite to win the hand on the flop, and a 96% favorite to win on the turn.

EDIT : I continue some good play on a new table, and regain a chunk of my loss from the set vs set hand and pick up 2 FPP’s, but I’m still really disappointed about not taking that pot down.

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I was about to kick the crap out of my computer screen after this :

Twice, in the last two games now I’ve made a set on the turn, and my opponent made a higher set on the river, I’m not happy 😦

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Feck Off!

No, not you my dear readers… I am simply pissed off with how I have been running these last few days.

Here’s the story :

Beyond a fecking joke!

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Lucky Big Stack

Just been railed in my first Sit-N-Go of the day, finished in 5th. I’m very annoyed about not winning, or at least cashing in this, I played well, but one of my opponents got lucky against me twice, firstly decimating my stack by hitting a set on the river and then busting me by hitting a flush on the river.

This was the turning point for me, I’ll be posting for feedback on this, as it was this hand that lead to my early demise, maybe I could have gotten away from it?,12968.0.html

Heres the final hand :

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A Sick Session

I’ve just had a really sick session, lost all 3 games and finished 6th in each. The first game I miss every flop and go out quick when my pre-flop all-in has the short stack gets called, the second game someone rivers a flush and decimates my stack, I make an exact read on my opponent and have to abandon half my stack on the turn, leaving me in bad shape and eventually I’m on the rail. The 3rd game, I flop two pair, and play it very aggressively, the board is looking very dangerous by the turn so I go all-in, my single opponent makes the call for a 1/3 or more of his stack and hits a King on the river, knocking me out with his king high straight.

Oh and I nearly forgot holding JTs, I limp in middle position and hit an open ended straight draw, its 3 handed with a big raise in front (5xBB), the other guy folds, the pots only 300, but I need 100 to make the call, so I fold believing this to be the right thing to do, when along comes the king which would have made my nut straight, the other two didn’t even have a flush draw, they both only held queens by the river.

It hasn’t been a good session, partly brought on by myself breaking my new rules perhaps. I’m playing with pretty bad neck pain and whilst bored and in between being asleep and awake, but despite that I made good reads on my opponents and I believe made all the right moves, they just didn’t hold up tonight. I’m going to chalk it up to variance and a reminder to only play when I’m at my best and call it a day for tonight.

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The Fun Continues

I do not believe what I’ve just experienced on Poker Stars, I held only a pair of aces, with one on the flop besides JT of mixed suits, 4 or 5 callers, 3 stay in besides myself to the river, anyone with a set, two pair or QK would have beaten me easily.

The player to my left keeps re-raising, but for some reason I believe my aces to be good, I do put at least one player on QK, giving him an ace high straight come the river, but now its only an additional 20 to call and the pot is at 570, I can’t fold even with just top pair.

The showdown and the frequent raiser holds a pair of tens, and the other caller holds nothing, merely a queen high! what on earth where they thinking, I held top pair and I was scared of this board.

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