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Another Sit-N-Go

So I sat in another sit-n-go, and guess what, yep I finished 4th… 5 out of the last 6 games now I’ve finished 4th… I’m not happy.

Same story ran true though, I played well, and screwed it up on one hand. I was getting good value for money here, but I think I should have folded on the flop anyway leaving me in better shape.

A slight comfort came with me seeing my 2nd Royal flush


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Royal Flush Sighted!

Just finished a small practice session on Poker Stars, and got lucky enough to see my first Royal Flush! yeah I know, I only got to see one, as opposed to hitting one myself, which obviously I would prefer, but I’m happy enough just to see it, this being my first and all 🙂

I was so hoping for this when I saw the flop that I even got my screen capture program up and ready just in case, and I’m glad I did too.

Here’s the pic:


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