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Unbelievable Sit-N-Go

I have just had the best tournament of my life, and also the most unluckiest. It was my first $1 + $0.20 single table tournament on Poker Stars. I became second in chip stacks very early, maybe my 3rd or second hand, by this time two people had already been sent to the rail.

I sat back and waited for my spots and played well, but after awhile, I was left in a tough spot being the short stack by a considerable margin as my other two opponents had just bumped up the other two remaining when the got busted after going all-in, but at least I was in the money.

EDIT – Just realized I’ve missed out a chunk of action, it was a full table of 9, so can’t be 3 handed yet… anyways I can’t remember that bit, must have been uneventful :p

So it was 3 handed, and I began to fight, I soon started building my stack and after much struggling with one particular opponent, became the second chip leader again. As many hands past, the now short stack moved all in, it was just me and him, I had him covered and was holding an open-end straight draw so I called. He held a flush, and sent me back down.

So I thought my way back up and became second chip leader again, short stack goes all-in again, I was in an even better position this time so call, he wins by a miracle. Not faced though, a chip and a chair and all that… I’m soon back up and even take the chip lead once or twice, only to loose it to the same person two more times, it was unbelievable.

Finally as the blinds increase yet further I am put all-in, and get busted by four of a kind, 3 fives showed up on the board!

Considering besides a few freerolls I’ve hardly ever played NL online I think I played amazingly and I’m very pleased with my efforts.

I can honestly say that I didn’t win this thing because I was unlucky, the chip lead throughout most of the game who eventually busted me got the lead very early and was pretty weak, I knew if I could only get heads up I would pummel him, but I never got that chance. Maybe next time.

PS: Just checked the times, it went on for over an hour and twenty minutes!

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