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My First Ever Straight Flush!

Just finished the 4th game of the day, and its been one of those rare games where you get a kaleidoscope of great hands coming your way in a very peculiar fashion. For instance, I found pocket queens immediately followed by pocket jacks, and then much later on found pocket jacks immediately followed by pocket queens!

Thats not the best bit of course, I actually made my first ever straight flush. I was so shocked, I checked the board about twenty times before committing my stack, and it still took a few moments to sink in as the pot was pushed to me. Imagine how devastated I would be, if I was busted by a higher one, it doesn’t bare thinking about lol

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Reading The Board

A very simple thing it is to read the board in a hold’em game, but I’m shamed to admit that I have overlooked it for far too long. Its only since reading a couple of pages on it in Lee Jones book Winning Low Limit Hold’em that it has jolted into active memory.

Its something I’m working on at the moment, that is to always make an effort to read and re-read the board throughout the hand, and it has made a marked improvement.

Still, I do occasionally slip up, by expecting to win a pot with aces, when I’ve raised and re-raised, not seeing the possibility that someone is still in the hand with 4-7 off suite to then catch his straight, when will I learn :p

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