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Freeroll Sadness

Just got busted out in my finest freeroll tournament so far, I managed to reach 1,787th place out of a field of 10,000 which is the closest I’ve come to the bubble in a freeroll. Advancement to the second round was awarded for the top 27 finishers.

So upset to be out. I called an all-in bet from someone a little higher then me in chips, although I had over $21k at this point. I flopped a pair of queens against his jack, which paired on the flop also… but he river’ed a flush and busted me… I can’t moan too much though, as I’ve had the other side of the luck on the river a few times in this tournament, but I’m still really disappointed to be railed, would have loved to have gotten down to less then 1,000.


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