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Laydowns and Bluffs

Just finished my 2nd Sit-N-Go of the evening, it started off well, but I had to lay down two good hands, which cost me in chips, and then I folded the best hand to a bluff, which put me on tilted me somewhat, now very short stacked I’m on the rail in 5th.

Here I find QQ UTG and open with a 4xBB raise, its folded to someone in MP who re-raises to 7xBB. I was tempted to call this and try and flop a set or avoid an ace or a king on the flop, but felt this guy wouldn’t re-raise with anything lower then AK, which wasn’t a big enough edge for me, and so early I didn’t want to re-raise him off his hand. The SB then re-raises to 20xBB and my decision is made.

Both players show KK, and I’m pleased to have made a good lay down, but stupidly inform the table, which would allow a smart player to try and bluff me off a similar holding, I instantly regretted it.

This was a hand I wasn’t happy with. I had flopped trips but my kicker was very weak, and I’m conscious of loosing a tournament because I went broke in almost the same spot against an aggressive player not long ago where I held Q4 and flop trips.

I chose to lead out here. I did this because I didn’t feel at this point my opponent was aggressive enough to bet out here with most hands, whether he hit or not and I didn’t want it checked behind, which would put me in a position where I wouldn’t know if a higher queen was slow playing his trips. I get re-raised and I quickly drop it, not wanting to loose more chips to a higher queen, but feel I may have been bluffed. I had close to no information on him, and as I was watching the 2005 HU championship whilst playing, I wasn’t as tuned into the feel of the table as I should have been. I just had to let it go.

After having doubts I lay down the worst hand in the above hand, this affected me even more so, and if I had enough chips to get into much trouble, I probably would have done.

This hand highlights why I feel paying very close attention to the table is very important, if I had paid my usual amount of attention to this players previous actions, I would have taken down this pot, and avoided any tilt that the lay down may have induced.

I lay down my hand here, because I was reasonably sure I saw this guy check-down a nut flush on the turn, in similar circumstances and thenĀ  re-raise to a bet on the river, I didn’t want to give him the pleasure of doing it to me, however if I had paid close attention to his previous actions, I likely would have realized he didn’t hold the flush and would have taken down the pot. When he showed his cards, I expected to see over cards, or the flush, the deuces surprised me and it annoyed me I lay down the best hand.

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4 Times!

I’ve just been railed again, this time in 4th, by yet another opponent who makes trips to bust me. This is now the 4th consecutive game where I have lost a crucial pot to an opponent who made trips, 3 of those cost me my tournament seat… I am not fucking happy.

This 4th time I was short stacked with less then ten big blinds and find AA. Now I knew this was risky on the onset, but took and chance, its not so much loosing the pot that pisses me off, its the same thing happening 4 times in a row!

Anyways I’m short stacked and if I win the pot outright before the flop I will barley have ten big blinds, it would be better then nothing but it wouldn’t be good enough, so I decided to try and sell a call. I did this by making a standard 4xBB raise to 600, leaving me with a little over 800 and offering the best odds I could for someone to call without inviting too many people in on the action.

I get one caller which is exactly what I wanted, but I get a terrible flop, TxT, I have no choice, I’m pot committed and go all-in, hoping for a fold, but instead I’m greeted by JT who flopped trips, I miss my outs on 4th and 5th and are on the rail again.

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Blooming Trips!

Not been a good day for me today, though without doubt I think I have played very well in all of my games.

I have lost 3 major pots, one in each game I have sat in, and two cost me my seat in the tournament, all to my opponent running into trips. In the first game, My opponent hung on with a small pair and then hit a set on the river to beat my two pair and stole a huge pot from me.

Hand 1

The second game had a similar occurrence, with me calling a ridiculous all-in on the flop from an opponent who paired is 8 with J8, of course on the river he made trips to crack my pocket kings and bust me.

Hand 2

Then the 3rd game, I feel forced to make a move with AQ, and run into pocket kings who flops a set to bust me.

Hand 3

On the brighter side, I’m up about $2k in play money from 100/200 Razz lol

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