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Small Wins, Larger Losess

The 15 (real money) games I’ve played on Poker Stars so far have fallen into two categories, small wins or (relatively) large losses. Thankfully I’ve only lost money of 3 occasions, so my balance hasn’t been affected all that much, but I’m still worried about these losses, especially has it has been taking me 3 or more games to recoup each loss.

I believe these results can be explained by two weaknesses on my part:

  1. Not wanting to leave a game at a loss. I tend to keep playing, sometimes in a bad game, but usually just not at my best, to try and break even or earn a small profit before I leave.
  2. Not wanting to risk my bankroll, or even my current in-game profits, so I am leaving good games far too soon, only to join a tougher or less profitable game later on.

I’m sure I’ll get over both of them when my bankroll starts to increase, allowing me to play with a cushion of previous profits, but the games will be much more enjoyable and probably profitable if I can find a way to get beyond them sooner.


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